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Connor Kennedy


Height : 5'11"

Weight : 160

Eye Color : Brown

Date of Birth : 1994-12-07

Zodiac : Sagittarius

Twitter : https://twitter.com/breezewoodbabyy

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Connor Kennedy's Biography :

Connor Kennedy was born in Philadelphia and is a Sagittarius. He grew up in the suburbs of southern New Jersey and felt there was not much opportunity for him there. He came from a religious background but is no longer religious. He was very promiscuous as a teen. He describes his three wildest non-sexual encounters as meeting his ex's mom, petting cheetahs, and whale watching. Prior to joining the adult entertainment industry, he wanted to be a professional musician who recorded music and toured. He got his start in the business in a very unconventional manner. He was in debt and applied as a joke, not thinking he'd get picked. Just 4 hours later he got calls from everyone he submitted applications to. His favorite movie is Who Framed Roger Rabbit as he finds Jessica Rabbit smoking-hot. As a fan of the horror/thriller movies, he likes them for the simple reason that they're scary. He said he really enjoyed his experience of shooting a scene for PureTaboo, stating that it was an amazing experience and that working with the crew was awesome. Asked if he's ever been caught doing something taboo, he says that having sex in public is one of his greatest sins!

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