Balance of Power

Councilwoman With A Dirty Secret Gets Exploited By Corrupt Businessman

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Video Description: BALANCE OF POWER

SCENE OPENS on a small city council private office where a councilwoman, Janice Monroe (Angela White), is hard at work. She appears confident, and sharply dressed in a chic but no-nonsense business suit. We watch her work for several seconds from a male gaze POV, until her concentration is broken by a telephone call on her office phone.

She picks up, and though we don't hear the sounds from the earpiece, Janice pulls the phone away from her ear in pain from an apparent shouting on the other end of the line. She asks the man on the other line, Bill, to calm down and explain what's the problem. She does her best to collect herself as she listens, breathing deep and fidgeting with her suit and hair. She listens and replies, and from the one-sided conversation, we get the impression that Bill is a business owner calling to complain about losing a city contract bid.

Bill had spent weeks negotiating terms and another company swooped in and got the bid at the last second. Janice puts on a brave face and tries to assure him that everything was above board, and that the winning bid was just at a better rate than what Bill's company was offering, but Bill insists that it's not possible, he has ties with all the local suppliers and there's no way anybody else in town could match his bid. Janice reprimands Bill telling him that if he wants to meet formally to discuss the issue, he's welcome to schedule an appointment, but she warns him that he'd better think twice before speaking to her like that again or he risks closing the door on future negotiations. Bill tells Janice that he's not the only one who thinks things have been fishy lately, and that she'd better remember that it's her constituents who pay her bills each week. Through gritted teeth, Janice thanks Bill for being a concerned citizen, and slams the phone back in the cradle in frustration. As soon as she's hung up, Janice's brave face and confident posture dissolve, and she collapses back into her chair and puts her head on her desk in tears.


We cut back to Janice's office an indeterminate time later. She's stopped crying and is back at work, though with none of the confidence or determination she exhibited earlier. She is clearly having trouble concentrating, rubbing her eyes wearily and swearing to herself under her breath. Before long, the door to her office opens and in struts Garrett (Zac Wild), a cocky smarmy-looking businessman who strolls up to greet her and -- rather than sitting on the chair facing her - sits straight on the corner of the desk. Looking uncomfortable, Janice quietly moves her papers and other clutter away from his intrusive form seated on her desk. She tells Garrett that she's very busy right now, and asks what he wants. He says that he's sure she has time for a little chat, she always manages to make time for him. Looking bothered and anxious, Janice gets up from her seat and goes to close her office door discreetly. When she looks back, Garrett is now sitting in her seat. She asks him to get out of her seat. Instead, she seems pathetic and desperate here. Garrett gives her a greasy smile and pats his lap, telling her there's plenty of room if she wants to join him. She turns her head, disgusted. Without looking back at Garrett, she asks what he wants.

Garrett explains in a patronizing tone that he's not feeling satisfied with their current arrangement. He wants another favor. Janice looks flabbergasted -- she's already paid him off twice, and she just colluded to get his company his second city contract at a way higher rate than market value. Garrett says yes, that's true, but that's really more to help his business, but now he's getting restless and he feels he wants to work on his personal brand, maybe even get into politics himself. He wants an endorsement from her to run for his own spot on the city council. Janice coldly says absolutely not -- she can't endorse a candidate with no political experience and dubious ties to criminal activity. It'll draw too much attention, and could be career suicide for her. Garrett tells her he thinks she's exaggerating, and feels he'd make a great candidate. He's even come up with the perfect campaign slogan, 'Make America Garrett Again' he jokes.

Janice pleads with him -- he needs to be reasonable. She's given him everything he's asked for, to the point where people are starting to get suspicious. Garrett says that that isn't his problem, and he asks her where all that worry about getting caught was a few months ago when she was embezzling funds from the public office for her personal use. If only she'd been more careful then, she'd never be in this situation now. But she wasn't, and all this is just the universe's way of balancing things out. Janice gets more desperate -- if he wants to keep his leverage, he has to be smart about this. She can't help him if she gets indicted. Maybe they could revisit his proposal in a few months, after things have a chance to die down. Garrett admits that she makes good points, but he's just not a patient guy. What is she going to give him to keep him happy in the meantime? Janice looks completely broken down -- she doesn't have anything left to offer him. He's already taken everything from her -- he's robbed her of her independence, her pride, her happiness. What could possibly be left for him to take?

Garrett stands up from the office chair and says that he can think of one thing, and reaches out to stroke her breasts with his hand. Janice flinches and takes a step back. No, he can't ask her to do... that! She's a married woman, she could never do that to her husband. Garrett shrugs and wonders out loud if her husband would be any happier to find out she's a thief, and a liar, have to visit her in prison... Nearly in tears, Janice asks Garrett how he can be so cruel, to ask her to do this. Garrett simply shrugs and says 'because I can.' Janice makes Garrett swear that if she lets him have his way with her, he'll back down with all his demands. He agrees he'll back down... for now. He asks if they have a deal and she says yes. In an instant, he moves in on her with a sleazy grin still on his face.

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Angela White , as beautiful , gorgeous and sexy as ever more please! 
I really like this scene although i would of liked to of seen her P.A come back with the missing permits and catch her at her most vulnerable , standing in the doorway watching his boss getting fucked as he records it on his phone setting the scene up for a sequel
2019-01-24 05:15
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loved it..  as always Angela White is amazing..  beautiful with a knock out figure..  Zac plays his role well and gets the job done..  political blackmail works every time... here's to hoping that council woman Monroe is coerced into performing other sexual acts that she'd rather not be doing...
2018-12-06 21:14
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You know-I really really really wanna see a part 2 to both Chloe Cherry's Father Unleashed and Adriana's Border Control.  I think that was the name of that one.  The Border Patrol one was so spicy with helpless spite and reluctant submissiveness and think if PT does give us a second one involving Adriana herself, I think Tommy's portrayal should give the poor little traveler some [tushy] DP...but with a girl-friend of Adrian's instead of that wimpy portrayal (hehe) that was her poor little boyfriend.  A reluctant strapon session comes to mind strongly.  I DEFINITELY think it's possible for Chloe to be in a probable part 2 to FU with her portrayal emitting helpless spiteful angry ill mannered words and her poor daddy and friend. lol  She could at least be the costar next time maybe starring anyone from little Ms Wilde to any yummy curvy built nubian like Jenna Foxx to Kendra Spade...or both.  Oh my Ms Spade! LOL  Hmm...Kendra and/or Jenna in a part 3???  One of them also starring with Chloe in a probable part 2???  I think about another ebony-a little more petite one in Anne Amarie.  But I don't wanna give my idea(s) on a synopsis in public.  **And I want to post that all scenario ideas and plots from me are disclaimed as heck! Don't want anything out of any use and/or posting of anything similar or somewhat to my ideas**  I just had to throw that in there.  Anything mentioned in this comment and future ones are disclaimed by me.  And I'll be so bold to say that I want it to be a surprise for my fellow members instead of them saying "I read an idea someone posted for this release once..."  If I ever had the chance or given so, I would definitely dm anyone of these DIRs and/or writers a great treat for me (ahem) and my fellow members/fans.  I'm following BREE MILLS (lol) but I can't dm her (last time I tried) because twitter says she has to follow me right back.  I gotta reach someone outside of here. lol  And trust when I say that I won't be spamming anyone with any ole thing at any ole time.  I've been waaaay too busy these past 3 years to comment on here regularly.  But look for me guys: Jordan Koolar.  Email: [email protected]'s move on. LOL but you guys see my greef and "PT pervert-ticness".  And seriously--that actually info.
2018-11-30 18:16
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An absolute classic, a wonderfully well written highly charged piece of erotic political satire. I loved it!! I mean come on, how many time have we all wished we could bend over, fill in the blank politician and fuck them the way they continue to fuck us. Thank you so much 3X West for the razor shape script and Craven for the stellar direction. This episode has been on my radar for a long time and it was so well worth the wait. To begin with it stars two of my all-time favorite performers Angela and Zac, their explosive chemistry did not disappoint.  Angela's layered character thoughts and actions were once again expertly executed and her character transitions were absolutely amazing to witness.  While Zac's insidious manipulation was truly beautiful to watch.  I think many of us here have started to take these episodes too serious, myself included, let us enjoy them for what they are, beautifully scripted, wonderfully acted slightly taboo erotic tales encouraging us to think past our own genitals.  Of course that is just my humble and perverted opinion, I'm probably just full of jerk away.
2018-11-30 13:50
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Shakau I don't think you are wrong here. It is an incredible performance by Angela. She brings so much to the role and creates a performance that is simply impressive. I will be posting more about it soon but yes indeed Angela and Zac have AMAZING and PASSIONATE sex. It's incredible to watch them go for broke in the scene. We can literally see the sweat they put into the performance. I certainly enjoyed it very much.
2018-12-02 23:17
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oh fuck her reluctance makes this one of the hottest videos on the website
2018-11-29 18:20
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
more of her!!!!!! =))
2018-11-29 17:31
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Maybe my least favorite episode of all the PT offerings. Everything I was hoping for was there in the beginning, but just when I was enjoying the acting, Angela turned into this eager slut. Why she bothered to tell Zac's character she was married I will never know. It clearly meant nothing to her. This was a perfect storyline for Angela to show your reluctance fans how well she can play the reluctantly submissive blackmail victim. She teased us with it in the beginning, then refused to follow through. All the spitting is disgusting, and watching her be the aggressor was extremely disappointing  too. I know there are lots of fans of this type of acting, but why waste a blackmail story line on it? She could have just jumped his bones willingly to please the client. Everything in the promo implied dominant blackmailer, submissive victim. That's called bait and switch. And the sad look on her face at the end was totally unbelievable. Camera work was great as always, but a big thumbs down from me.
2018-11-29 11:58
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Good MF episode. Great dialogue (3xWest?) throughout an extremely long sweaty sex scene with Angela using all her assets on Zac where you had to admire the stamina of the performers and viewer. Some excellent deep throat and it looked like they were going for the elusive throat bulge. The ending with the "used and abused look" is being overused of late.
Some photography issues with one of the cameraman's fetish for candles and shooting into the sunlight.
2018-11-29 11:15
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VERY good blackmail scene. Well acted, scripted and cast. Very convincing and entertaining.
2018-11-29 10:30
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I've been waiting for this one, and it looks like it will be worth the wait.
2018-11-28 09:13
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