Biography Of A Virgin

Obsessed Teacher Develops Dark Fixation On Virgin Student

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Video Description: BIOGRAPHY OF A VIRGIN

Mr. Davies (Michael Vegas) is burning the midnight oil as he grades papers in his home office. He's down to the last one for the night, thankfully, although once he starts reading it, time seems to slow down.

The essay is about a girl (Carolina Sweets) owning the fact that she's an 18-year old virgin. Betty's proud, recognizing that her virginity is a special gift -- she doesn't want to give it away to just anyone...

Mr. Davies fixates on the student, hearing her utter, 'I'm a virgin,' in his head over and over again, slowly driving him mad with lust. It's like she's calling to him to be that special someone to make her complete...

The next day, he invites Betty over to discuss the essay and how beautifully it was written. Betty is naive about everything, though is happy to be in the presence of a teacher she admires. Yet, when Mr. Davies starts paying her more compliments than she's used to, she grows suspicious of his true intentions.

Finally, Mr. Davies asks if she feels it, too? The connection between them? When he read her essay, it was as though it was specifically written for HIM -- as if she was asking HIM to have the honor of taking her virginity.

Betty is shocked, exclaiming that that's not what she was implying at all, but Mr. Davies has power over her. If she doesn't give herself to him, he might stop her from graduating school or getting accepted into good colleges. He could end all her dreams with just one report card...

To save face, she submits to Mr. Davies' twisted delusion, willing to give up her virginity in order to prevent him from taking EVERYTHING from her.

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This is a PureTaboo instant classic on all levels. 3X West's writing was stellar as was Craven's wicked direction, coupled with Michael's and Carolina's griping performances. Michael's portrayal of Mr. Davies was brilliant, he had such rich character development and emotional integrity making Mr. Davies both sadly relatable as well as heartbreakingly insidious. Carolina once again completely blew me away with her beautiful portrayal of Betty, her layered and textured character work, eye communication and emotional transitions were so elegantly realized. For me Carolina is quickly becoming a must watch favorite, her stunning beauty is second only to her tremendous talents as an actress.  I also want to applaud both Michael and Carolina for again keep with their character motives and intentions during the truly intense sexual romp, beautifully done. On a side production note, I really liked the "yearbook" prop, very creative. Thank you one and all for truly capturing and communicating what PureTaboo is all about.
2019-02-21 13:43
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There was nothing lacking here for me. Both actors played their roles perfectly. Michael reveled in the sight, feel, and taste of Carolina's lush body all the way through. Plenty of the kissing, touching, and full body contact that I love to see. Carolina's reactions were perfect. She was disgusted and a little afraid in the beginning. The shock of what she was doing never left, but the surprising sexual pleasure was clear. The transition in her demeanor as her arousal slowly pushed her loathing into the background was perfectly played. And her consuming climax toward the end was highly erotic. Her shock at his request to put it in her mouth was completely in character and so sexy. Carolina has the perfect look for this part, sweet and innocent with a body that any man would hunger for. And that incredible hair was ratcheting up the sexual heat all the way through. This is one of my favorites on Pure Taboo, and I have many.
2019-02-19 08:08
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wow carolina was great like always but this was lacking a lot
2019-02-19 05:56
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I am so excited to see Carolina Sweets return to Pure Taboo. I loved the performance she gave in "It Slipped In", and this one looks like it could be even more to my liking in terms of story line. Michael Vegas is a great casting decision to play the creepy teacher in a position of power. Can't wait to see it.
2019-02-15 15:41
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