Birthday Surprise

Devastated Birthday Girl Learns From Family They're Not Her Birth Parents

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Video Description: BIRTHDAY SURPRISE

SCENE OPENS on Penelope (River Fox) brushing her hair and staring off while overhearing her parents, Debra (Sarah Vandella) and Frank (Tommy Gunn), arguing in the kitchen. Debra and Frank are in a heated argument. 'What did you THINK was going to happen? That she was going to get on her knees and suck your dick right there in front of the birthday cake?' Debra exclaims to Frank, who looks abashed. What was going to happen to their plans of raising and preparing Penelope so that they could turn her into a sex slave when she was 18? When was it going to be THEIR time to have some fun?

There's a flashback to a tracking shot from over the shoulders of Debra and Frank as they carry a birthday cake with numbered candles from the kitchen into the living room where Penelope is sitting in the center of couch with her hands on her lap and a cute, innocent smile on her face. Debra and Frank sing Happy Birthday as they carry the cake forward. They ceremoniously place the cake down on the coffee table in front of Penelope just as they reach the last notes of the song.

There's another flashback to the present day where Debra's telling Penelope that they've been trying to have a baby for YEARS and had four miscarriages. Adoption WAS an option but with Frank's record and their poor finances, it wasn't feasible. The hospital was so big and they were sure no one would miss Penelope... They just wanted a baby of their own so badly...

Penelope stops brushing her hair and grins slightly to herself as her parents' words echo in her head.


Penelope moves to the kitchen, asking if she's interrupting anything. Debra insists that there was just something on Frank's shirt. Penelope tells them that she overheard everything and now knows what they've been planning to do to her this whole time -- they just wanted to use her for sex!

Instead of being disgusted, Penelope saunters forward and rubs the front of Frank's pants while addressing Debra, 'You've been taking THIS the whole time, Mommy?' gesturing to his big dick. Penelope then moves to Debra and rubs her breasts, saying, 'You've been sucking on THESE the whole time, Daddy?' Penelope looks seductively between them, then insists that they BOTH show her how it's done...

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So there's ONE MFF episode without any reluctance.  There's an abundance of those on this website.  What's wrong with a little variety?  Y'all gotta cool it.  It's still taboo, just different from what you want.
2018-11-01 14:38
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I'll be honest, Sarah Vandella has absolutely amazing skills, speaking from experience on seeing her performing on other sites as well as this one. Her body is phenomenal also. That being said, her acting in this and Anne was really over-the-top to the point of being distracting. If I had to put it another way I'd say she comes across as a cartoon supervillain rather than a serious, brooding real life person. It doesn't really mesh with the feel of other productions I love on this site. Toning down the ear-to-ear grins and focusing on more subtle, cold glares would go a long way to set the emotional tone. That's my two cents anyway, I'm no producer so my opinion definitely isn't worth more than that :P
2018-10-27 06:05
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The scene seem very predictable at the end possibly would have been more tantalizing if she was shown on the phone leading everyone to think that she was calling the authorities and she came back out in a skimpy outfit and said I'm ready to play some more Mommy and Daddy a bit more talk from Tommy would have been nice all in all one of the better scenes and this girl is pretty hot
2018-10-25 21:04
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I have only seen the trailer so far and that whets my appetite.  I like the scenario of the evil couple adopting the girl to bring her up as a fuck toy
2018-10-25 20:02
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Beautiful cast and very well acted. No reluctance on anyone's part, so it  isn't one of my favorites. I don't understand the knocks on Tommy Gunn. I see no weakness in any of his performances. There is an opening here for a sequel where River was overheard calling the police and held captive after Sarah explains it away.
2018-10-24 11:02
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Wouldve been perfect if there were some resistance.
2018-10-24 15:57
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I agree that the scene needed some reluctance or eternal struggle to really feel genuine for me. I loved the cast, but this one isn't a keeper for me.
2018-10-24 17:42
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no es lo mejor que he visto en este sitio. esperaba mas..
2018-10-23 19:01
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Great episode, I always enjoy seeing the women taking the advantage away from men. The steely eyed look that River had in the beginning was absolutely amazing, so much communicated in just that one look. River has now made my ever growing list of women who are not only gorgeous to look at but have an enormous amount of acting talent as well, let me be first to humbly request more of River Fox, please.  Of course Sarah has been on my list for awhile now and she continues to impress in every episode she does, her screen presence is so strong and her character motives and actions are so expertly portrayed. Tommy is as solid as ever. Thank you PT for another solid episode, not earth shattering nor ground breaking but solid.  Still waiting on you to really turn up the heat and scare the shit out of us, come on PT you can do it. Or maybe you are not the scary, ground breaking taboo site you truly claim to be.
2018-10-23 13:55
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
Sarah kills it every single time. She's amazing. GREAT scene!
2018-10-23 02:47
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October has not been your best month
2018-10-22 23:36
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