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Rowdy Businessman Taunt And Humiliate Escort During Public Fucking

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Video Description: BOYS' CLUB

A beautiful, young woman, Blair (Alina Lopez), arrives all dressed up for a party. She's there to entertain a bunch of businessmen, although they don't seem to notice her at first as she tries to find the host. Once the men get wind of her presence, though, she gets hungry looks and cat calls. Even so, she walks with her head held high until she finds the man she's looking for, Hank (Eric Masterson).

Hank explains to her that a young man named Bill (Seth Gamble) is the guest of honor, having just received a big promotion. Since he's ready to play with the big boys now, she's there as entertainment for him. But the main event isn't going to happen until later, so why doesn't he introduce her to everyone in the meantime?

Blair gradually meets all the men, though starts to become uncomfortable with how boisterous they are. They're loud and lustful, coming on to her in unsettling ways, though she remains professional. When Hank finally makes his grand speech about Bill graduating to manhood, Blair takes that as her cue to take Bill somewhere more... private. However, she's stopped by Hank, who reveals that she's going to entertain Bill right there in public.

The men surrounding her erupt into cheers, all eager to see the action. They hurl insults at her, trying to shame her, although they don't dare take their eyes off her... Blair hardly knows what to do with herself, since this wasn't in the original agreement, but she needs to save face.

Finally, amongst the jeers, she gives everyone what they want as she slowly sinks down to her knees.

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Great scene, love the ending arousing 2 see her cry, she should have been made 2 fuck all the others b 4 leaving, many thanks
2019-04-12 22:49
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I know I am constantly asking for the female character to be reluctant, but this is not what I mean. I think the performances from Alina and Seth were very strong, very emotional. Kudos to them for that. And the camera work was ok, although there were too many shots where we only saw the stars from the neck up. The sex was too rough for my taste, and way more F on M oral than I can enjoy. Alina is cast in a part where her angelic face had to made up to look slutty because she's a hooker. I didn't enjoy it, but I am sure many others did. I am happy for them.
2019-04-11 13:35
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