Brother's Wrath

Angry Twisted Brother Treats Sister Like Sex Doll

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Video Description: BROTHER'S WRATH

SCENE OPENS with a kind man, Mr. Adams, sitting at a coffee table while Mandy (Gia Derza) walks over to him with a cup of coffee. Mandy is smiling, though the smile is thin and doesn't reach her dull eyes. Her movements are slow, as though it takes a great amount of effort to do anything.

'Here's your coffee,' she says to her teacher. Mr. Adams thanks her as she slowly sits down opposite of him. It looks like she's in a daze, and Mr. Adams is visibly concerned about this. Once she's seated, he thanks her for letting him in. He doesn't visit his students in their homes like this very often -- in fact, this is the first time he's done it! -- but he just wanted to check up on Mandy.

'Oh, why, sir?' Mandy asks, her voice still faint and faraway. Mr. Adams clears his throat and says that she's been missing a lot of classes lately. He's concerned about her since he knows what it's like to lose someone, he's lost his mother, too. He just wants her to know there's help available whenever she needs it.

Mandy says she's fine, she has her step-brother, Ryan (Seth Gamble), looking after her now. At the mention of his name, Mr. Adams looks more concerned, saying he wants to talk to her about that. Is everything good between them?

The camera focuses on Mandy's face, her smile fake and eyes glazed over. 'Yeah, of course, everything's fine.'


Mr. Adams doesn't look convinced and opens his mouth to speak, but his phone goes off in his pocket. He checks it, then hesitates as he says he has to go. He thanks her for the coffee and rises to his feet, as she mindlessly smiles after him. He tells her, in a careful way, to contact him if she needs ANYTHING... Mandy reiterates that she's fine but thanks him for his concern. Mr. Adams is still torn but finally takes his leave.

Once the door is closed, another man speaks up from behind Mandy. 'What's he doing here?' Ryan asks, his tone guarded.

She responds that he came by to check on her. Ryan's eyes darken as he approaches her. 'Oh, and what did you tell him?' he asks, his voice dangerous. 'I told him the truth, of course, that everything is alright and that he doesn't need to worry about me,' she responds. Ryan then smirks, patting her hair like someone would do to their pet. 'Good girl,' he praises in a mocking way. Mandy doesn't acknowledge the pats or the praise, still detached from most everything.

Ryan then continues on, saying doesn't Mandy want to know how his day is going? Mandy apologizes, although it's hollow, and asks how his day was.

Ryan gushes about his girlfriend, who he just got back from a date with. She's perfect in every way... She has big blue eyes, amazing breasts, and legs that go on for days... Mandy says that she's happy for him. It sounds like Betty is making him very happy. He gives her an odd look and laughs in a cruel way. 'Betty was two girlfriends ago. I'm dating Lucy now, you knew that, silly.'

Finally, he grins and wraps his arms tenderly yet possessively around Mandy. He murmurs into her ear that she doesn't seem very happy for him and how well things are going with him and his new girlfriend... He's worried about her, he says in an exaggerated tone to show that he really isn't. Maybe it's all those stressful thoughts about school, he says. Really, at this point, she should just think about quitting if it's too much for her. He then creepily tells her that that way he would have a lot more time to look after her, he's always going to be here to take care of her... She's hopeless without her big brother, after all.

'Yeah, I am,' Mandy says, almost mindlessly, though she lifts her hands to touch the arms wrapped around her, nudging her head back against him. 'Yeah, you need me,' Ryan reiterates as he presses their heads together, smelling her neck. He needs Mandy, too, of course... She's the only one he can turn to when he has that itch he can't scratch. Lucy, Betty, all of the other girls he's been with... they're too sensitive. He could never ask something like that of them. But not Mandy, she's a good girl that can take it.

Mandy echoes that, yes, she's a good girl that can take it...

Ryan creepily begins feeling Mandy up now. Although her eyes are still blank, she doesn't resist his touches. In fact, she subtly presses into them. It's all done automatically, as if she's been conditioned to do it through prior experiences, but it still signals that he can touch her.

Mandy allows him to kiss at her neck and grope her breasts through her shirt for a few moments. Her eyes seem less hazy for a moment as she carefully mentions that people are starting to get concerned about her being home all the time... like Mr. Adams...

Ryan's expression hardens briefly, though then subsides as he cups Mandy's cheek. He tells her not to trust Mr. Adams -- he seems like a bad influence. Mr. Adams doesn't have her best interests at heart -- HE does. Mr. Adams, and all those other people out there, just want to separate them because they don't understand the love they have for each other... Mandy loves him, doesn't she? Mandy utters that she does, pressing into his hand.

Ryan pulls Mandy close, running his hands hungrily over her body, and reminds her that he's the only one that knows what she needs -- what she REALLY needs. If anything, he's doing her a favor, he's just being a good big step-brother! It took some work to get to where they are now, but she's finally the way he wants her -- perfect.

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Part 2 with Zac Wild x Ashley Adams
2019-05-11 21:53
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Or Riley Reid
2019-05-11 21:54
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I love it that Gia is degraded and used by her sadistic brother who brutalises her.  He really does use her like a sex doll which is a super hot fantasy for me.  Great work and well done!
2019-02-13 07:48
Like 3
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My feelings also just like you
2019-02-24 07:43
Like 1
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Great vid!!
2019-02-03 14:02
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A great looking twosome and some excellent acting, but the story line was much too rough for my taste. From the comments, there are several fans who really enjoyed it, so that's a good thing. I don't get all the rape talk. This is definitely NOT a rape scene. Gia's character is totally consenting all the way through, to the point of calling her professor at the end to tell him she is quitting school. The sex is rough enough to where those fans can pretend it is what they want it to be. But this is a story about a young woman who craves rough sex and loves the way her step-brother gives it to her. Great production for Pure Taboo, but definitely not for me. I would encourage those who are offended by these stories to recognize that they give these performers the same opportunity as every other type of story to earn money and hone their acting skills. Kudos to PT for providing these opportunities.
2019-02-01 19:57
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You can view it that way, but she also seems to be brainwashed by her stepbrother. Yes, that may be just my perception due to personal experience. Her smile at the end had me wondering what was really going on inside her mind. Was that what she really wanted, or was she so totally brainwashed that she thinks she wants that? Well, with that being said, I guess it's a fantastic video. It has many of us fans talking about it. We all have different preferences, thoughts, and perceptions. How often does adult videos do that to fans? PureTaboo has given depth to this content that is mostly totally vacant from other sources.
2019-02-03 06:35
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Im not even an ass man, but DAYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM dat Heavenly ASS!  Pretty and enough jiggle to keep my boob love happy. Please dont ever get thinner Gia, youre fucking perfect, with ass so fine this boob man is tempted to change teams.  Definitely added to the DL collection.
2019-02-01 16:20
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Very good scene. Congratulations on your Pure Taboo debut Gia.  Seth earned about a seven on the Louisville scale.
2019-02-01 03:40
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Great scene.
2019-01-31 04:29
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just some sweet brotherly love...
2019-01-29 16:58
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fuck yesssssssssss
2019-01-27 23:49
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2019-01-25 16:01
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