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Video Description: 'Submission is a choice, born of free will and made from a place of strength. It is a deep-seated need to serve the one who has earned your obedience through patience, respect and trust.'

We watch a beautiful, submissive housewife (Casey Calvert) getting ready for her husband (Seth Gamble) to get home from work. She is dressed in a retro floral dress and apron with white stockings that highlights her purity. The house is ultra-modern, which contrasts with the woman's pinup style and old-fashioned accessories, as if she was transplanted from the 1950s into the modern world.

When she's done vacuuming and dusting, the housewife fills a crystal bowl with milk and saunters to the bedroom with a doting smile. Her pet (Whitney Wright), a young woman dressed in tight leather with a crystal collar clasped around her neck, stirs on the bed. As the housewife sets the bowl on the floor and sits with her pet, the pet nuzzles in close before crawling off the bed to lap at the milk.

The housewife admires her darling, obedient pet before leaving the room, with the pet crawling on all fours after her. It's almost time for the husband to arrive, and they're both eager to greet him after his long day at work.

When the husband steps in through the door, wearing a handsome suit and fedora, he is greeted by his pretty housewife and pet. Once he makes himself comfortable on the sofa, he's in heaven as he strokes his pet's hair while his housewife makes sure he has everything he needs. Of course, there's just one more thing he needs to really take away the stress of the day... and both his housewife and pet are all too willing to deliver.

'My will is yours.
My mind is yours.
My body is yours.
My heart is yours.
My fears belong to you.
My desires belong to you.
My release belongs to you.
My surrender belongs to you.
I submit to you.
I am yours.
But know this...
You are also mine.'

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Well done Bree Mills.  You've done something remarkable here...Beautiful!  Eager to see the next installment.
2019-03-08 21:24
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This is one of those scenes where ya wife leans in close and whispers..."I want a new kitty Daddy, Please."
You guys are great!
2019-02-08 20:53
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Casey Calvert is my favourite actress on this site.  She is so nasty in all her character portrayals that she is sublimely seductive
2019-02-06 05:52
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Nice 50's Household setup.  Seth does a nice job showing that a Dom doesn't need to be mean or aggressive with well-trained subs.  Both Casey and Whitney serve beautifully.  I would hazard a guess that all three actors have some D/s experience in their private lives.  They all look very comfortable in their roles.  I'm looking forward to this series continuing.  Cheers.
2019-02-04 23:29
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I agree with Casey I do ALOT OF D/S Work in my personal life and in films the premise here was to go with the story line of a housewife a pet and a husband in the 1950s if we would have taken it to a level of more traditional BDSM D/S it would have taken away from the realism of what the scene was I truly do appreciate the input and will keep it in mind for the future
2019-02-01 19:16
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The potential in this episode was sorely lacking. Casey, Whitney and Seth all have great chemistry but somehow it failed to materialize here, leaving a stylist and interesting set-up, hollow and vacant. I felt none of the characters ever really connected with each other, just pornstars going through the motions and hitting their mark. I was more turned on with the set-up at the very beginning of the episode with Casey's "housewife" and Whitney's "kitten" personas then I was when Seth's character arrived and the sex scene actually began. All in all a rather lackluster episode from the brilliant mind of Bree. Here is hoping the third installment can capture the spark of the first episode in this fascinating series.
2019-01-30 12:06
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So..... that's 2 out of 2 for this series. I'm sorry for the ones who have a 'submissive fantasy' like this, but like someone else said: YAWN!
The question is why is there so much potential not fulfilled with this submissive series? This is just another normal pornscene and not a good one either.

Why is it when you have two submissive ladies at your disposal, you don't let them get involved with each other? Is PT affraid of lesbian action?

With submissive scenes, why not put some action- consequence play in there. It doesn't have to be unwilling, submissive can be totally willing, but the 'consequence' for not willing to partake/ not listing should lean more towards action different than your standard ones.

It seems like PT suffers from some sort of identity crisis where it tries to be Taboo (mostly through (end)storylines) but always stays right in the middle so it can be 'mainstream' as well.
2019-01-30 03:23
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YAWN. Two of my favorite actresses in a completely uninspiring, boring, vanilla scene. I actually fell asleep while watching.
2019-01-29 21:47
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Two of the hottest women ever in porn, but the story line doesn't measure up this time. In most dom/sub role plays, the dom puts the sub through several maneuvers that are outside her comfort zone. Casey and Whitney would be sacrificing a lot of dignity and maybe even experiencing some minor pain in a real world dom/sub relationship. The two characters in this story come across as two content and happy pets. Desperation to please doesn't really show up here.
2019-01-29 14:47
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There are a million different kinds of D/s roleplays -- nowhere is it written that a submissive has to suffer to serve. Bree wanted us to explore a "happy family" dynamic for this scene, with myself as the submissive housewife and Whitney as the pet.

There's plenty of content on the internet of both Whitney and I in more "traditional" submissive roles, if that's what you want to see.
2019-01-30 14:44
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