Daddy's Golden Rules

Disciplinary Dad Makes Daughter Wet Herself

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Video Description: DADDY'S GOLDEN RULES
A teen girl, Carrie (April Aniston) quietly sneaks into her house long after her curfew. She thinks she's in the clear until her step-father, Kirk (Mr. Pete) calls out to her from the living room.


Carrie has to endure her step-father voicing his resentment about being a step-father. As he begins to tell her off, she starts to squirm, needing to use the bathroom. She's been out all night, after all. However, Kirk isn't about to let her go without her reciting his three golden rules. He does everything for her, so the very least she can do is respect his rules.

She recites the golden rules, desperate to get out of there. Respect her mother and step-father, never bring boys home, and... never be late. But Kirk isn't happy. She's broken two of the three rules, so she knows what that means -- she has to wet herself.

Carrie is shocked -- the LAST time they were in this situation and she wet herself, she thought it was an accident, but it's clear now that Kirk gets off on it!

She begins to storm away, but Kirk threatens to double or triple her chores to make sure she doesn't have any time for fun anymore. Maybe he can tell her mother how bad she's been, too. She wouldn't want to disappoint her mom, would she?

Although Carrie's grossed out, she decides to give into what he wants just to get it over with. Little does she know, this is just the beginning of what he has in store for her. Kirk plans to make sure his daughter NEVER disrespects his golden rules ever again.

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1 comment

April is an attractive actress with a body largely unmarked with tattoos and piercings. Her reluctant consent was plausible, but I missed out on a lot of my favorite things: anal sex for sure, full body contact during sex, fondling, unwanted kissing. There was fingering, but nothing slow and intimate. It was just hard and fast in an attempt to get April off. Not sure it worked. I liked the across the lap work, but it could have been a lot longer and more intimate. I hope she comes back and the producer includes more of the things mentioned above.
2019-04-26 07:33
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