Daddy's Special Hug

Bitter Step-Dad Conditions Innocent Teen Daughter To Be His Sex Toy

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Video Description: DADDY'S SPECIAL HUG

A sweet teen girl, Katie (Lexi Lore), is sitting on the couch, gazing off and in her own little world. Meanwhile, her step-father, Michael (Derrick Pierce), is at the front door talking to a neighbor. It's Katie's 18th birthday today, so the neighbor brought over some cupcakes! Can he give them to her?

Michael tenses but plays it cool, telling the neighbor that she's not feeling so well today, so... The neighbor hands over the cupcakes and marvels over what a good step-father he is, but doesn't push the issue any further before taking his leave. Now when Michael returns to Katie, who obediently and sensually licks the icing he scooped off the cupcake from his finger, it seems like he's anything but a good step-father.

When they're alone in Katie's bedroom shortly after, Katie expresses that she wishes her mother was there to share the special day with. Michael tenses again, saying he wishes her mother was there, too. She was a wonderful woman and he misses her, but... now he has Katie, who has grown up to be a perfect, beautiful young woman... She's finally ready for his special hug.

Katie, too innocent and trusting of Michael, fails to catch onto the hungry, sexual energy directed towards her. She asks about the special hug and is told that it requires them to be naked, which she doesn't question since she'd been conditioned all her life for this moment. She's more curious than anything, especially once they undress and she sees Michael's cock for the first time.

It's all new to her, but Michael's praise and affection is everything to Katie, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to earn his love.

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Part 2. But with Steve Holmes x Riley Reid
2019-05-11 21:51
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Or Jane Wilde
2019-05-11 21:52
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Such an amazing episode filled with the depraved wickedness that we have all come to enjoy and appreciate from PureTaboo. Once again the writing and directing were excellent, well defined and crafted. Derrick and Lexi had some wonderful chemistry together and their character juxtaposition of each other was gorgeous. Derrick has such a beautiful way of portraying such vicious and despicable characters in such a way as to make them both believable and oddly enough relatable, resulting in intensifying the disturbing actions of said characters. Lexi's portrayal of Katie was completely jaw-dropping.  A lost little girl has never, in my opinion been more accurately depicted than Ms. Lore's amazing interpretation of Katie.  Her stellar eye communication as well as emotional integrity through out the entirety of the episode was so thought out and beautifully executed. She is definitely a woman to keep an eye on. Thank you once again PT for creating such disturbing entertainment for us, entertainment that makes question our own morality. Let us face the facts we are all some pretty sick f$%ks.
2019-04-05 13:47
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Wonderful opening buildup, and the low, husky voices of both performers added to the sexual tension. The naivete of Lexi's character is incredibly sexy, and her adoration toward her step-father is priceless. She has a perfectly ripe teen body for the part, other than the rather garish tattoo on her left arm. The braces did nothing except increase her look of innocence and heighten the erotic tension. Derrick's character did a superb job of preparing her and guiding her through her first sexual experience. A definite favorite for me. I can get along fine with zero reluctance when the girl has so much wonder in her eyes and in her voice. Beautifully done.
2019-04-02 11:35
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Judging by the synopsis and the trailer, this video looks like it has the ability to excite and satisfy without the reluctance that I usually want. I am not familiar with Lexi Lore, but what a cutie! I love this site!
2019-03-30 12:29
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