Daughter's Little Accident

Step-Father Lectures Humiliated Daughter As She Wets Herself

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SCENE OPENS on a teen girl, Kelly (Kendra Spade), who is getting a ride home when her friend calls her, telling her that her stepfather is looking for her. Kelly is beside herself with worry, telling her friend that she just had sex with her boyfriend, who came inside of her. As she gets closer to home, she tells her friend that she has to piss like a racehorse.


She arrives home and tries to slip into the house quietly, but moments later her step-father (Derrick Pierce) comes rushing into the room from elsewhere in the house and says 'There you are! I was worried sick!' He explains that he tried reaching her several times on her cell phone but she didn't answer. Kelly says sorry - she was at her boyfriend's house and she must have lost track of time, she didn't think it would be a big deal. Not a big deal? he scoffs throwing up his hands in exaggeration, for all he knew ANYTHING could have happened to her, she could have been hurt or abducted or who knows what kind of trouble! She couldn't have even sent a text? Aren't teenagers her age supposed to be glued to their phones? Her battery was low, Kelly tells him trying to calm him down, so she didn't have it out - but it's fine, nothing happened to her, see? She gives a cute twirl and shows herself off for him to see that she's okay. So he can relax already! She walks to move past him but he stops her, clearly not done saying his peace. 'I'm not the bad guy here, Kelly!' he says, he and her mom just worry about her, that's all! Kelly clearly looks a bit annoyed and impatient, nothing bad happened, so can they PLEASE pick this back up a bit later? She had a large smoothie and she really has to -

'It's the principle of the thing, Kelly!' he says exasperated, clearly not letting this go. He continues to lecture her, and as he does she starts to squirm in place - not noticeably at first, but it gets more and more obvious the more her dad talks. Before long she's clearly doing the 'pee pee dance' of holding her legs together and shifting from side to side to try to hold it in.

By now, Kelly is desperately holding it in, and although her dad's sentiments are touching, she's barely able to register them. He moves in to give her a make-up hug, but she pushes him back because she feels she could burst any moment. 'Kelly,' her father says with hurt pride, 'I was just trying to tell you how I feel!' Kelly interrupts him - 'no, dad, it's not that,' she says in a strained voice as she tries to back away from him, 'it's just that - oh no - ohhhhh...!'

As she groans and gasps, the first sign of a wet spot appears at her crotch, trickling down her pant leg. She looks down in surprise, then back up to meet her father's gaze - she's completely mortified. Her father watches in horror as the wet spot darkens and spreads across her pants, golden liquid dripping and streaming through the fabric as she pees herself uncontrollably. She gives in to the feeling of release, with no choice but to let it all out by now, her hands awkwardly hovering around her waist with uncertainty since there's not anything she can do to stop it from happening. She pees herself to empty, and as the last ounces trickle out of her, she and her father stare wordlessly at each other in shock.

Kelly, standing there pants soaked with urine, and her father continue to stare at each other, their mouths agape in utter shock but unable to form any words. Kelly is the first to break, trying to cover herself up in shame and says 'd-dad...' Instantly, her father goes into parent mode and tries to console her, even though he seems somewhat fazed by the whole display. I-it's fine, he says, and starts to step towards her and then stops short when he remembers the puddle at her feet. They'll just... clean it up, he says trying to stay calm. It's fine. He gestures for her to come towards him - 'first, let's get you out of those wet clothes...'

Kelly shuffles over to him, still embarrassed and somewhat in shock. She stands there helplessly and seeing this her dad takes pity on her and his parental instincts take over. He hesitantly touches the pants at the waist to help her loosen them and then peel them off her, squatting down holding the pants at her ankles and asking her to lift one leg then the other. He holds her leg to support her balance as she lifts the other leg up, and then does the same for the opposite foot. He timidly pushes the pants just enough to the side to get them out of the way. He stands up and is flustered to see her in her soaked panties - oh dear, he says with a sigh, and says he supposes those should come off too. 'Dad, no!' Kelly protests but he points out that she can't go walking around the house in clothing dripping with pee, what if it gets into the carpets? That would be a nightmare to clean up! Better to keep everything contained to here, at least the floor will be easy enough to mop up. Kelly reluctantly agrees and blushes with embarrassment as her father's hands wrap around her waist and peel off her panties next. He stands up and tries not to look at her naked bottom half as he surveys the damage. Oh Kelly, he sighs gently, this is quite the mess she's made. Kelly buries her head in her hands, saying this is the worst thing that's EVER happened to her. Oh and look, her father moans in dismay, it's still all over her legs too - she'd better try to not move around too much until she's cleaned off a bit, he'll go get a towel.

He leaves the room and the sounds of the tap running can be heard in the other room. He returns a few seconds later with a wet hand-towel. Oh boy, he says as he gets on his knees and starts wiping down her pee-soaked legs, she's really given him his work cut out for him. 'Oh, god, I'm so sorry dad...' Kelly groans. Her father looks up to say something to her, and then realizes he's looking straight up at her exposed pussy. At first he gets flustered and tries to avert his gaze, just telling her 'it's okay, sweetheart,' turning back to the task at hand, but as he continues to wipe her legs he stares back up, eager for extra peeks. He even subtly starts to spread her legs further apart as he wipes them, so that he can get a better view. Soon, he's staring up the entire time. He decides to get a bit more daring, bringing the cloth to her inner thighs and making his way up. 'There, isn't that better?' he remarks. Kelly blushes and says yeah. He asks timidly, does she mind if he wipes her... you know... She looks a bit uncomfortable at the thought, and says she doesn't know if he should. Come on sweetheart, he says in a more confident, more parental voice, 'let dad get you all nice and clean again...' Timidly, she says okay.

He begins to wipe it gently with the towel, and at first Kelly looks a bit uncomfortable with the situation. Is this ok? her father asks as he moves the towel gently across her pussy. Y-yeah, Kelly stutters, it feels okay. He starts moving the towel purposefully more sensually across her pussy lips, causing her to shudder and gasp slightly. Oops, sorry, he says with feigned innocence. He goes back to wiping normally for a few seconds, then makes another move to cause her to shudder and moan accidentally.

'Dad, I think we should stop,' Kelly says bashfully. Why, what's the matter, sweetheart? her father asks innocently. Kelly squirms a bit and says that she feels funny, that's all. Her father looks at her sternly and lectures her, 'now be honest, Kelly, we don't lie to each other in this family.' Kelly squirms a bit but admits that it was starting to feel... good. Her father says that's great then, that means she's feeling better about her little accident. But she shakes her head no, that's not what she meant, she means him touching her felt good. But it shouldn't! He's her -

'Shh, shh, shh...' her step-father says comfortingly. It's alright, he says, don't worry about any of that. Just let dad take care of her. He can make her feel better if she lets him. Doesn't she want dad to make her feel all better again? As he coaxes her, he's rubbing his hand against her thigh affectionately, and she gives in to his warm touch. Yes, dad, she says shyly, she wants that, but what about mom? What about - ...he interrupts her again, saying not to worry about any of that. Let dad take care of it all...

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Thumbs up to PT for this different take on Taboo. The brightness of the scene, the absolute delight that's called Kendra Spade, the convincing embarrassment and the mutual attraction all added up. All in all, keep this quality up for the upcoming scenes.
2018-11-21 10:00
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A truly beautiful episode that I feel never really reached its full erotic potential. The writing, directing and acting were superb. I felt Kendra and Derrick worked well together and each had many layers to their individual characters and communicated the emotions as well as the character intellect beautifully. Kendra is such a fascinating actress to watch, her depth of range seems to be endless and she can say so much just with a simply flick of the eye, it is truly amazing. Now to get to my only real complainant, I felt the whole pissing set up was awesome but then when the sex began it was all but forgotten. I was hoping for Kendra's character to at least step in the puddle and at the very most wanted to see Derick's character furious at the mess and  thrown her down and fuck her while in the puddle, seeing Kendra covered in piss and spit and then forced to clean it up would have been epic. Of course, I am probably in the minority and will be quick to be labeled a degenerate pervert but hey we all have our kinks.  A cute little accident leading to some beautiful love-making between Father and Daughter is nice too. I am sorry if I excepted something a little darker from you PureTaboo. I hope it's not true that the days of hard-hitting dark erotic fantasy are over for you nor for us.  Still that final shot of Kendra was beautiful.
2018-11-20 16:51
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Dislike 3
darker and more violent does not make it taboo ...it is something else ...taboo was very much achieved in this scene
2018-11-20 20:30
Like 3
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I agree with you totally, taboo was achieved quite beautifully. I guess I'm just a deeply depraved piece of shit that probably does not deserve a subscription to this most beautiful site. I should just cancel and leave the rest of you in peace. Sorry.
2018-11-20 22:57
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Dislike 1
No i believe i am the one in the minority for sure on this site as a lover of sensual erotic sex .. i am way out of place... have a great thanksgiving
2018-11-21 00:06
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What was the taboo element in this story? In the The Pickle when Whitney Wright appeared squatting on the floor with what turned out to be a carrot hanging down I nearly fell off my seat but it turned out to be a comedy episode. Hard hitting stories like Girl's Night and Don't talk to Strangers are not made anymore. Any story about the porn industry is a taboo no no; even PrettyDirty had a story about acting a love scene in a film.  I'm still waiting for a story about a new girl in porn taken by the producer for an injection the day before, an enema before an anal shoot, the lube hidden behind the sofa for the male actor to use; that has been seen on the site but not intentionally. I am also waiting for the first male android in future darkly.
2018-11-21 02:53
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I think the taboo of the story was and I could totally be wrong here but your basic Father & Daughter love-making with slight hint of water-sport.  Of course now that I write it down, the whole water-sport is not so much of a taboo but rather a fetish. So I guess just the average Father Daughter sex? Again not so hard-hitting, I honestly feel PureTaboo has been neutered somehow, thanks Obama;)
2018-11-21 10:28
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You have to say STEP before father and daughter. The headline picture above could also be seen as innocent two tone jeans.
2018-11-21 12:45
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Oh yeah I forgot Step Father & Step Daughter love making, there that makes it all better.  And yeah I see what you mean about the jeans, hilarious.
2018-11-21 14:18
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Straight to my favorites. Beautifully shot. Incredible acting. Kendra's embarrassment felt real and intense, and so did her orgasms. She is either a Hall of Fame actress or she had a really fun shoot, probably both. Derrick did a great job of parental seduction to take full advantage of Kendra's predicament. I loved the long foreplay sequence with and without the towel. Watching a beauty like Kendra struggle to disguise her arousal before surrendering to a serious climax is highly erotic. And the camera work was stunning, especially while he was fingering her in the standing position. This type of story allows the actress to openly enjoy the sex and still give us the reluctance some of us crave as she fights to hide her feelings of guilt or arousal. I hope we get to see many stories similar to this one.
2018-11-20 12:44
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Good to excellent MF episode. Some eroticism in the foreplay and kissing before the right blend of softcore, still no missionary,  and hardcore sex finishing with a great pop shot and swallow. This episode was well photographed with excellent framing and only one wandering camera movement. Well played by both performers and with Derrick's matter of fact ending. Was that the taboo element or the little accident at the beginning?
Mainstream TV drama in America in the 90's, jumping on the bandwagon,  often featured these accidents after Nicole Kidman's character did in Bankok Hilton, 1989.  UK TV has done it as well in spy/crime stories.
2018-11-20 08:29
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
im kinda looking forward to seeing this one, looks very interesting
2018-11-19 10:00
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Some lighter fare for Kendra Spade after the traumatic role of Jekyll and Dad (which is one of my favorites). This actress has tremendous range. And embarrassment is a super effective form of reluctance, often much sexier than the rough stuff for my taste. Looking forward to this one with excitement. Excellent trailer too.
2018-11-15 10:49
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