Duty Calls

Teen Cheats On Boyfriend With His Brother While Lying To Boyfriend On The Phone

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Video Description: DUTY CALLS

A teen girl, Carmen (Ember Snow), is crying when Brett (Johnny Goodluck), her boyfriend's brother, returns home. Brett seems to take an interest in her, almost like a predator sniffing out prey, as he sees how vulnerable she looks. He learns that Carmen and his brother got into a huge fight about her jealousy and insecurity towards other girls, and he stormed out. She's been crying her eyes out the past few minutes until Brett got home.

Brett sees an opportunity to wreak some havoc and have a bit of fun. He starts acting sweet and consoles Carmen, sympathizing with her and telling her his brother is an asshole. He asks how old she is and when she tells him she's 18, he tells her that because of being older, he knows more about how these things work. He tells her she needs to move on, not just because she deserves better but also because he lies that it sounds pretty clear his brother broke up with her. This upsets Carmen even more.

Brett tries to convince Carmen to have sex to get back at her boyfriend. Carmen doesn't want to, she still thinks her boyfriend loves her, so Brett plays to her insecurities and asks how she's sure his brother HASN'T been sleeping around with other girls?

Brett sees Carmen is starting to doubt and puts on the pressure - wouldn't it really make his brother jealous if SHE had sex with another guy? Someone like... him? Carmen is still reluctant, but all of her doubts and anger and frustration fuel her decision and she finally leans towards Brett, kissing him intensely. He slowly moves his hand between her legs and rubs her pussy as she gasps.

Carmen thinks she's getting the ultimate payback, but what she's really doing is EXACTLY what Brett wants her to do.

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Not to take anything away from the actors and actresses in front of the camera in this particular piece, but for me it's all about what happens behind the camera.   I am drawn to what I see as compelling writing and directing.  Nice job 3X West and director Moorehead--beautiful work.
2019-03-12 20:36
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A wonderful PureTaboo twist on the standard cheating girlfriend scenario. I felt Johnny's portrayal of Brett was great, he created such a convincing asshole of a big brother and yet managed to somehow still remain like-able. Really the only issue I had with his performance was his irritating sharp inhale of air every few seconds during the sex scene. It got really annoying really fast, otherwise a good performance.  Ember on the other hand was brilliant, her ability to start off with her character at such a high level of emotion and then continue on that painful journey to her ultimate breakdown into full willingness, while suddenly careening full speed into the heartbreaking reality, was amazing. Ember Snow is definitely a star worth watching.
2019-03-12 17:17
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Enjoyable episode. Worth watching multiple times for the variety of sex positions, and the foreplay, especially the passionate kissing. Also worth watching the beautiful Ember Snow in action. Johnny Goodluck did a fine job of making us dislike him and feel for poor Ember. Excellent camera work. What do you call those hideous things in Johnny's earlobes? Yuk!!! They fit his character though.
2019-03-12 10:43
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Sorry Danny, you were ON A BREAK! Deal with it! Ember got the dicking she deserved since you couldnt make up your fucking mind. Sorry bro. LOL This was  great, never saw Ember before this. What a delicious Asian dish!
2019-03-12 04:13
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If Ross can use it with Rachel then Ember can damn sure use it
2019-03-12 22:02
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