Gaping Training

Sugar Daddy Makes His Teen Girlfriend Train For Anal Sex

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Video Description: GAPING TRAINING

A teen, Tracy (Lola Fae), walks uncomfortably outdoors towards her sugar daddy boyfriend (Bill Bailey)'s house. Her movements are slow and careful, although once she arrives and is greeted by the older man, he's pleased to see that she's wearing the butt plug, just like he asked. He even removes it to get a good look at the little gape while Tracy squeaks and blushed. He knows it's uncomfortable, especially since it's Tracy's first time, but she wants Daddy's dick, right? Then she has to keep up with the training...

Back at home, while having dinner with her actual father, Tracy's father shows concern for how awkwardly she's holding herself. She tries to insist that there's nothing to worry about and encourages them to just have a nice meal.

That's when her sugar daddy sends a text, demanding to see her pussy. No, better yet, he wants her to send him pictures of her fingering herself under the table. Although she's nervous about being caught, there's a certain thrill there as well as she does what he asks, then sends the picture. Although her real dad almost catches her, she just barely escapes his notice.

Tracy, eager to please her boyfriend, continues to wear butt plugs in her everyday life, even in public. While she's at work as a waitress, she tries her best to concentrate, almost getting caught by a coworker for looking so uncomfortable. Fortunately, she's able to get away from the situation by pretending she has cramps. It's perfect timing since her daddy messages her, demanding to see how she's progressing. She excuses herself and rushes to the bathroom. Once she's there, she takes pictures of her gape and sends them to her daddy.

Finally, her sugar daddy declares that she's ready for the wicked evening he has in store for her.

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Wait, when did I sign up for Hookup Hotshots?
2019-03-20 13:26
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I think you mean Legalporno although she has done both as has Chloe Cherry and Dakota Skye. Emily Willis has done two HUHS recieving a golden shower.

Would like to know when made as this is two episodes in a row with a filmed squirt shown; change of policy?
2019-03-20 14:21
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Remarkable work!!!
2019-03-19 21:08
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This is a fantastic episode for those who crave both anal and rough sex. Rimming and squirting fans will be delighted too. Lola Fae is exceedingly cute and super sexy. I am a huge fan of anal sex, and Lola has a butt to die for. There were just several things that kept getting in the way of the erotic tension for me. It's a good scene. I gave it a thumbs up and downloaded it, but I can't call it a favorite. A little rimming goes a long way for me. Too much in this episode. Same for squirting. A little is fun, but a flood is just gross. I also don't enjoy seeing a woman thrown all over the room. But the anal sex was awesome, and the intro was very hot. When Lola stopped on the steps and showed us her panties and plug, it made my knees knock. And being forced to play with herself under the table with her dad across from her was fun to watch. I'm going to suggest a sequel on AdultTime. Since some are saying Bill died a year ago, it won't require his presence. It will be about Lola submitting to Bill's friend John to keep Bill happy. John will use her ass, but will pamper her and worship her body during the process. Lola will fall for John and break up with Bill over the phone.
2019-03-19 13:05
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Where does one suggest a sequel? Me too :-) Thanks
2019-09-05 09:03
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