Head of the House

Brother Takes Possession of Family Estate, including Younger Step-Sister

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Video Description: After his parents unexpectedly die in a car crash, troubled college student Damian Charles (Brad Knight) is left the keys to the family's estate in their will. The only clause is that he allows his step-sister, Miranda Alexander (Lana Rhoades), to live there until her 21st birthday. The step-siblings have never gotten along but, now that he has firm control over the household, something starts to shift within him. After first begrudgingly letting her stay with him, he slowly starts to get off on the feeling of bossing her around and imposes stricter and stricter rules on her, 'as long as she lives under his roof!' It begins with chores and a curfew but soon turns sexual. Ultimately, he strikes a deal with the precocious 18-year-old teen that she can do whatever she wants in the house, so long as she agrees to service him.

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Please make more movies with the women showing their ASS in skin tight  jean shorts. Her ASS looked sooooo good!!!!!!!
2019-01-07 03:04
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I love this site for its abundance of reluctant, desperate, and submissive female characters. I love the shy and nervous ones as much as I love the terrified or helpless ones. As a rule the sexual tension is off the charts. This one just missed the mark for me. Look at the sex scene in this one and compare it to the sex in "What My Cousin Did". The way Robbie and Ivy go at it is "Cousin" is a million times hotter. The abundance of full body contact during sex makes all the difference. I realize both characters are enjoying themselves in "Cousin", but in a real situation wouldn't Brad press his advantage with Lana and enjoy the full on ravishment of her the same way Robbie enjoys Ivy? I believe he would.
2018-08-16 14:02
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Need to see more of this guy hot!
2018-04-18 06:15
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I might be alone on this but lana needs at least one filled pussy scene everytime.. I get the facials an pullout cumshots.. everybody has a fetish. but mine is an always will be- a nice deep filled pussy. (best orgasm there is) for her to!!
2018-03-26 01:18
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2017-10-15 06:17
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This scene is  amazing they are so talented . In fact this was the first scene I saw in the site when released and it had me super excited. Lana plays amazingly the "good girl" roles because of her pretty innocent face but when it gets down to business she is a super star. Brad I first saw here and became her fan. we shouldn't take it too seriously and enjoy the content you guys have, Im shocked that some people complain about any part of this scene since for me was such a turn on. We all have our own taboos and maybe what I don't like, will make you cum. And this page has something for everyone . btw I love Small hands and I can't wait for the video release on October 12th. :)
2017-10-05 00:29
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What I like so far is the diversity in the talent being used. Its nice to see a variety of talented female/male performers being used and given their chance to shine.
2017-10-02 22:07
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yes I agree
2017-10-05 00:29
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Welp, they can't all be winners.
Sorry to be harsh on this scene, but I'm gonna be harsh.  Plus side first:   good porn, quality beautiful fucking from Lana, nice facial from Brad.  As usual, outstanding cinematography and direction.  It's fapworthy.   It's a decent story concept, with a last will and testament providing an interesting twist to the hackneyed stepsiblings trope.  

Somebody missed the memo about the script, cuz it just stops coming into play about 5 minutes in.   There's nothing "precocious" about Lana's character at all....just words on a page not backed up by actions and certainly not by a softspoken overly shy performance here.  This
character should be loud, rebellious, angry.   Someone like Abella Danger could have pulled this role off perfectly.  Lana is just too
subdued for this part.  

Not that Brad Knight provides any counterpoint.  His acting is wooden and he looks mostly lost in the whole scene.  His role should have been overtly sinister and commanding.   His character should have been played by someone who's got "control freak" down pat, because Brad,  to quote a guy named Norman, looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly. (Although if you ever do a take on Bates Motel, this is your guy.) 

On the plus side, getting back to the previous paragraphs, yeah, they're both accomplished porn technicians, and once the sex starts, they're both in their element.   But even that rings hollow to the story and characters again.  How the fuck do you sell Lana's character going from a "precocious" (allegedly) teen looking to get away from a "domineering" (allegedly) stepbrother to suddenly acting like a veteran pornstar who's done this hundreds of times before?   This is Brazzers porn, not Bree Mills porn.   Hell, the white porn couch isn't even metaphorical here; it's literal.   This is as vanilla as porn gets.   

And then, obligatory plot twist at the end....again, completely misses the mark.   If the story is about changing the power dynamic in the household, it fails totally...twice.  Brad didn't play a convincing control freak from the outset; but at least it's believable that Lana regained control of the house after blackmailing her stepbrother and draining his willpower as well as his balls.   So how the hell is he supposed to be convincing by trying to re-assert his will after Lana comes home past her curfew?  Dude, just no.  Your short "reign" in this diminished family is over; little sister is the queen now. 

Only scene I've been disappointed with, primarily because Pure Taboo deserves better than vanilla porn, Brazzers style.  
That's what this one is.
2017-09-24 01:14
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