It Slipped In

Teen And Her BFF Trick Mean Brother Into Fucking His Sister

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Video Description: IT SLIPPED IN

Jenny (Carolina Sweets) and her friend Sandra (Whitney Wright) are giggling and gossiping in Jenny's room as they study for an upcoming text, textbooks sprawled across the bed and floor. Jenny comes across as much shyer than her friend, who is proudly listing off her sexual conquests - Jenny marvels at how experienced she is for being just 19 (even at times being shocked at the perverse things her friend is admitting to have done) and especially how nonchalant she is about it. Sandra asks, well what about her, surely she has SOME kiss-and-tell stories she can share? Jenny admits not really, she's kissed a few boys but never anything more serious than some over-the-clothes fondling.

It's about then that Dane (Lucas Frost) is walking past in the hallway and butts into the conversation. He remarks that it's no wonder that nobody is ever going to have sex with Jenny when she looks so ugly, she's unfuckable. Jenny tries to tell her older step-brother to stop, but clearly has trouble standing up to him, and Sandra looks on silently fuming as Dane takes advantage of his younger step-sister's shyness to talk over her and continue to pick on her. He makes fun of her nerdy clothing, saying it looks more like what someone in their sixties would wear, not someone who's barely 18. He makes fun of her glasses. He says that he's glad he's not really related to her because he'd hate to think if his future kids had a chance of looking anything like her. Finally, Jenny loses her calm and shrieks at him to leave. Dane ends the conversation with a final insult, telling her to go back to studying since books are the only thing that are as dull as she is.

When he's gone, Sandra stops holding her tongue and tells her friend that she can't believe how horrible Jenny's older step-brother is. How long has she been putting up with that? Jenny says ever since he moved in with them, two years ago. Sandra tells her that she would never put up with that kind of torment, and Jenny confesses she feels like she has no choice, he's so loud and rude and she's so quiet and reserved that he basically can walk all over her. Sandra tells her that he needs to be taught a lesson, she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment and he'll just keep doing it until he sees there are consequences for his actions. Besides, she says, what if he's doing this kind of thing to other poor girls at school?

Hearing this, Jenny starts to grow a backbone - her friend is right, she would never want anybody else to feel as shitty as he makes her feel. But what could she possibly do to make him so regretful that he would never think of tormenting her again? He obviously doesn't feel bad when she cries or tells him to stop. No, Sandra agrees, bullies like that only understand one language, and that's an eye for an eye. He's been humiliating her, so she needs to do something to make him feel humiliated back. Something that's the ultimate revenge for telling her nobody would have sex with her, something that he'll remember every single time he sees her that'll trigger him. Like what? Jenny asks. Sandra gets a devious look in her eye and says she knows just the thing.


Sandra plays innocent as she walks down the hall towards Dane's room, where he is taking a shower. She waits until he comes out, surprising him. 'Whatcha doing?' Sandra says with a flirty smile. Oh, he says, he thought she was his step-sister. Aren't the two of them supposed to be studying for some big test? Sandra says yes, but they're going to be studying all night, and she needed a break. But Jenny wants to keep going and doesn't want a break. Such a nerd, huh!? she says lightly. Dane chuckles and agrees. Aren't they friends though? Sandra says kinda, and explains that that's the thing about friends, is it pays off to keep a wide circle of 'friends' who can each give her something she doesn't already have. Like the answers to all the tests, she says with a wink. Dane laughs and shakes his head, impressed at her bluntness. Or, she continues, like a cute older brother who she can blow off some steam with during a study break. Dane looks up at her, surprised and speechless, clearly not used to getting hit on despite all his bravado.

She moves in closer to him, crossing the threshold into his room. 'You know,' she says, 'we could be 'friends' too...' She starts to squat lower to meet his eye level, and she moves her hand to crawl her fingers up his knee like a spider. 'I bet YOU could give me something I don't already have, too...' she says seductively as her hand goes towards his inner thigh, almost right up to his crotch. He chuckles nervously, here? Now? What if his sister comes looking for her? Sandra smiles and says she's got her nose buried in books, she won't be going anywhere. So what does he say, does he want to have a little fun? Dane nods nervously but enthusiastically.

Sandra starts playing with his chest over his clothes and giggling as she feels him up. She lifts his shirt up slightly, ooh, she giggles, a six-pack. He blushes and tries to boast a bit lamely saying yeah, he works out a lot. She then starts unbuttoning his pants, saying what other fun surprises is she going to find. Then her face brightens and she says she has an idea, why doesn't she give him a couple of surprises of her own? Wouldn't it be fun if he doesn't see what she's doing? That way she could give him all sorts of fun surprises, things she's sure he's going to like. Dane seems hesitant, so Sandra continues to coax him, saying that she's heard that all the other senses are heightened when you can't see what's going on. Hearing... TOUCH, she says, as she strokes his leg with her hand... tasssste, she says, as she moves her lips inches away from his tauntingly. Dane breathes heavily and says o-okay, sure. Sandra gives him a flirty compliment saying he's so brave, willing to try something new, she likes that. She gets him to close his eyes - or, optionally, perhaps she lifts his shirt and pulls it over his head so that the shirt covers his face. Now, she says, lie back and relax.

As Dane gets comfortable, Sandra gestures outside to the hall for someone to approach. Jenny tiptoes into the room, careful not to make any noise, and Sandra helps her get into position right where she was kneeling. 'Now,' Sandra says from just beside Jenny to confuse the brother, 'are you ready?' Yeah, the brother says with his eyes covered, he's so ready!

Jenny unzips his pants, trying hard not to laugh as she and Sandra exchange looks of shock and disbelief that this is happening. Jenny takes his dick out from his boxers and starts stroking it. Dane moans in pleasure. Jenny strokes it for a little while as Sandra teases Dane verbally. Finally she asks if he wants his next surprise - it's a wet one. Dane says yes, he wants it so bad. Jenny looks to her friend for a moment uncertainly, but her friend urges her silently to go for it, and Jenny opens her mouth and swirls her tongue along the tip of her brother's dick. Ohhh! he moans in surprise. Ooh, Sandra says, so sensitive! Jenny goes further, starting to suck and lick her brother's hard cock. Sandra is careful to tease him verbally only when his sister pulls away momentarily, to keep the ruse going.

Finally, Sandra says she has one more surprise for him, a really... tight surprise. Jenny looks at her friend in surprise and shakes her head, mouthing no, it's too much. Sandra says out loud in a flirty voice, 'Do you trust me?', clearly talking to Jenny but making Dane believe she's asking him. Sandra is about to say no again, but Dane interrupts saying yeah, he trusts her, do it! Jenny bites her lip and looks over at her brother, then her friend, who is nodding vigorously with an evil glint in her eye.

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A truly wickedly fun erotic piece of adult cinema. 3X West's brilliant writing coupled with Craven's artistic touch with a camera and Lucas, Carolina and Whitney's truly stellar performances, culminated into a richly decadent erotic feast for all. The amazing juxtaposition that all three characters had with each made for a razor sharp rollercoaster ride. Lucas's natural line delivery and character transitions were great. Whitney's multi-layered character thoughts and actions were utterly seamless making her manipulative transitions all the more scary and her amazing eye communication in the final scene had me reminiscing of Kathy Bates character in the film Misery, it was chilling. But the highlight of the episode for me was Carolina, her portrayal of Jenny was so authentic and subtle that it brought tears to my eyes, the vulnerability in which Carolina expressed through her deep character work was absolutely enthralling. Not to mention her sexy costume choices and keeping the glasses on during the sex scene were all incredibly erotic triggers for me. All in all a fantastic episode that I for one plan on revisiting again and again.
2018-12-23 11:10
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i could not agree more
2018-12-23 17:34
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Thank you so much for this thoroughly detailed review! I appreciate it so much! :) Comments like these make me so proud of what I do.
2018-12-23 18:10
Like 2
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Whitney, you should be proud. Every role I've see you do and every character you portray has always been brilliantly thought out and wonderfully executed. The layers upon layers of character work you communicate through your beautiful eyes is absolutely mind blowing. You are a beautiful,  powerful and gifted actress. Your pride is well deserved. Keep up the great work.
2018-12-23 19:49
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Have you ever thought about making captions available?
2018-12-20 23:54
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First time Ive watched Carolina Sweet. Holy shit at that innocent in glasses look she has.
2018-12-20 20:15
Like 3
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Hahaha thank you!! They were actually Whitney’s. Giving credit where it’s due! It went perfect with the character an outfit ❤️ So if she’s reading this thank you lol
2018-12-22 14:23
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
No sound?
2018-12-20 14:54
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Whitney is (W)right. I do love this episode. I have always been a dominant male/reluctant female fan, but PT is showing me how sexy the eager female can be. I knew Whitney would be great. She played her vengeful character to the hilt. And Carolina Sweets put her star quality on display here too. Her slow evolution from shy and insecure to hot and greedy on top of Lucas was so sexy. And even though I need a majority of boy/girl action, the tender kissing and suckling between Whitney and Carolina was incredibly hot. Truly a breathtaking episode.
2018-12-20 12:57
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Thank you so so much! I'm glad you loved it! I'm very proud of this episode.
2018-12-20 21:40
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That's so sweet thank you so much!!
2018-12-22 14:18
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Outstanding MFF episode. This was a throwback to early episodes and had so much going for it. Perfectly cast, the girls oozed sex in their clothes, especially Carolina from the rear. Whitney's dialogue (I did notice the slip) straight from a sex chat line was erotic. We had an early reveal so both girls could take part in the sex, nothing dirty with some deep oral which was well handled by Lucas finishing with a good pop shot that fitted the story. The ending, eluded to at the beginning, rounded off a good story.  This was how PureTaboo used to be and no paper bags.
2018-12-20 10:10
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Thank you BobBrent! I try to pack in lots of dirty talk/ family themed dirty talk (where appropriate) in these episodes especially, being that it IS Pure Taboo. Might as well. ;)
2018-12-20 21:38
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