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Cheating Husband Is Cornered When Online Mistress Shows Up On His Doorstep

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A wife (Chanel Preston) makes her husband (Charles Dera), a nice dinner. She tries striking up a conversation with him but he's too distracted. Little does she know, it's because he's busy staring at a string of messages on his phone from an apparent mistress of his. Annoyed by her husband's lack of caring, her eyes linger on a birthday card from her sister. 'Family's important, isn't it?' she directs to her husband, who once again ignores her, showing that he takes his wife and family for granted.

Unfortunately for HIM, karma's out to get him.

The next day, the husband's world is turned upside down when a teen girl (Whitney Wright) shows up on his doorsteps. She's eerily calm while he is too shocked to do anything but stare at her. Before he can shoo her away, the wife catches sight of the teen and invites her in, thinking she's there selling cookies. The teen comments that there's a misunderstanding... she's not there to sell cookies, she's there to see her dad!

The husband is stuck between a rock and a hard place as the wife gets over her initial shock and invites the teen girl inside, giving her a place to stay now that they're family! While the wife is over the moon with happiness, the husband knows he's screwed as the teen casts him dark, sultry stares when the wife isn't looking.

There's more here than meets the eye, and the husband's troubles are just beginning.

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No reluctance from either woman, but I still made it a favorite. Whitney Wright was brilliant in this role, showcasing a wide range of emotions. The camera work was phenomenal, showcasing every stunning curve and every facial expression. Charles Dera did a great job of ravishing Whitney's breasts, bottom, and every beautiful curve. His kisses were kind of peckish, but Whitney's were not. True to her conniving character, she was clearly enjoying herself when she was kissing the unfaithful husband. I thought the extra dialogue at the end added a great deal to the satisfying story too. And finally I got to watch the sexy Chanel Preston naked and enjoying b/g sex. Very enjoyable indeed. Great episode.
2019-04-10 15:03
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Thank you so much! I loved doing this scene with Chanel and Charles, I got to be really unhinged. Lol. I appreciate the compliments, as always! :)
2019-04-23 03:17
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While it is good to see a well written story and solid cinematography, this project lacks graphic sexual content.  This is a fail on the part of the director...DISAPPOINTING!  This is after all porn.
2019-04-09 16:41
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I love the camera shot in the trailer where Charles opens the door and comes face-to-face with the breathtaking Whitney Wright. What a happy dream that would be! Will April 9 ever get here?
2019-04-04 11:35
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