Middle Of Nowhere

Female Hitchhiker Is Made To Pleasure Backwoods Brothers In Exchange For Ride

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Video Description: MIDDLE OF NOWHERE

A young woman, Tania (Zoey Monroe), is walking down a deserted road, looking worried and tired. Her phone isn't working and no one has driven by in what feels like forever. However, when gets scared away from the road by a coyote howl, she returns just in time to see the taillights of a car as it zooms past. She's sure that she's missed her chance at a timely rescue, though her prayers are answered when a second vehicle stops for her not long after.

When she approaches the car, the two men inside unsettle her. There's something about the way they look at her and talk to each other that creeps her out. Yet, she can't afford to turn down help, so she agrees to hitch a ride with them. Billy (Seth Gamble) and Willy (Jake Adams) are... odd... to say the least. Her nervousness intensifies when the brothers insist that they need to run an errand at their mother's house first, then they'll get Tania back on the road where she wants to be. Although Tania wants to protest, she doesn't have a choice. She's in the middle of nowhere and has to rely on the weird brothers to take care of her.

Once they arrive at the house, it becomes painfully obvious that they've brought her back to fuck her -- together. They'll take her to where she needs to go IF she lets them have a little fun with her. It's her choice, though... she can fuck them or she can start walking out there in the middle of the night. Who knows what's lurking in the dark?

Although Tania hesitates at first, she gives in, not wanting to take her chances out there. 'Fine, but you better make it quick,' she states as the brothers slowly grin.

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Love this! The betrayal after she didn't want to do it in the first place. More!
2019-06-02 21:28
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I'd love to see some dpp action!    This would have been the perfect scenario.
2019-05-13 15:36
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Zoey's up for it; did double vag and double anal with Marcus Dupree and Mick Blue over a year ago.
2019-05-13 17:06
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Major plusses in this episode beginning with the creepy story line and the reluctance of Zoey's character. Zoey herself is a big plus with her pretty face, full bosom, and big, round, beautiful bottom. Anal sex is always a big plus for me too. However, several flaws (my personal opinion only) kept this down to a 7 when it could have been a 10. Too much ink on Zoey's heavenly body. Her transition from reluctant to eager was too quick and too complete. For me, it didn't need to happen at all. She could have been t0tally compliant and still very reluctant. And most of the sex was much faster paced than I enjoy. Still, a 7 is a thumbs-up from me. Ten minutes of the creepy Paw taking Zoey all to himself and enjoying her with all the thoroughness of a Dick Chibbles or a Steve Holmes would have been very hot.
2019-05-09 14:46
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