Shadow Of A Doubt

Paranoid Wife Thinks New Sitter Wants To Steal Her Husband

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Video Description: SHADOW OF A DOUBT
Paranoid Wife Thinks New Sitter Wants To Steal Her Husband

SCENE OPENS to Kathy (Krissy Lynn) and her husband, David (Ryan Driller), anxiously awaiting the new teen sitter, Lynn (Chloe Temple). Kathy, who is prone to paranoia, is especially finding it difficult mentally preparing for a new sitter. Yet, David soothes her like usual, assuring her that everything will be fine. If she can't trust David, the love of her life, who CAN she trust?

When Lynn arrives, she SEEMS sweet enough... Maybe it's Kathy's mind playing tricks on her, but Lynn seems particularly drawn to David. It doesn't help that Kathy is SURE Lynn said, 'It's going to be so fun becoming you...' Of course, Lynn claims she said, 'It's going to be fun getting to know you...'

When Kathy and David arrive home from work each day, Kathy's anxiety intensifies. Lynn is TOO perfect... She's even starting to copy Kathy's style?? She's wearing the same shirts, has the same hair... Something's not right here.

Kathy is sure that David's cheating on her and that she'll get the boot soon enough. Even the KIDS love Lynn! When she confronts David about it, he actually sticks up for Lynn, reminding Kathy that she's overthinking it and that she always sees the worst in people. Kathy is devastated -- why can't he see the truth like she can? What kind of spell has Lynn put on him?

When she next comes home, only to find that David's arrived before her and is now alone with Lynn, she finally exposes what her instinct's been telling her all along...

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Not only does 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo date pornstars, now he's staring in the pornos too LOL.
2019-06-28 15:46
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There was nothing about this story that I enjoyed. Great looking cast. No other redeeming qualities for my taste. Chloe's character seemed to take more pleasure in making the wife miserable than she did in the sex. She found the whole thing laughable all the way through. And the husband did not care anything about his wife's suffering as long as he got to fuck the young bimbo. A major turnoff.
2019-06-28 05:50
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