The Bad Uncle Returns

Uncle Convinces Niece To Help Lure & Seduce Her Younger Sister

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Video Description: THE BAD UNCLE RETURNS

PREVIOUSLY ON PURE TABOO: This is the story about how Diana (Jaye Summers) really lost her virginity. He'd been her dad's best friend for years. Uncle Joe (Charles Dera), as he called himself, had watched her grow up -- and she was his princess, the niece he never had. But once Diana turned 18, something changed about Joe. His fondness for her turned into an obsession. So he came up with a plan to get her alone...

SCENE OPENS on present-day Diana and her Uncle Joe fucking in Joe's spare bedroom on the bed, she is riding him cowgirl-style and clearly putting in a lot more work and enthusiasm. She gasps and moans in pleasure and calls out Uncle Joe's name as she bounces up and down on his dick, while Joe mostly lies there and just offers a few generic grunts in reply. Diana seems to reach orgasm after a little while and then starts asking Joe to cum inside her - Diana exclaims that she can feel it and starts to slow and eventually stop.

She pulls off of him and collapses to his side on the bed, rolling over to snuggle up to him placing her arm on his chest. He doesn't seem to reciprocate much. Diana tells her uncle that was great, but he corrects her - 'it was fine,' he says gruffly. She asks him what's wrong, she did all his favorites for him! He waves her off, telling her yeah yeah, she was swell... he doesn't seem to mean it. She sits up a bit and looks worriedly at him, did she do something wrong, or something? He looks at her with a serious expression and grips both sides of her head with his hands, playing lightly with her hair. 'Listen 'Princess', no offense, but...' he starts in a rude tone, the novelty's kind of wearing off. She's no longer a teenager and she's certainly not a virgin anymore...

She asks him what she could do, what he wants her to do to make him happy. He looks her up and down, considering her, then pinches her cheek affectionately, saying she's cute when she's desperate. He asks about her younger step-sister, she must be getting around 18 these days, mustn't she? Diana reluctantly says yeah, she just turned it a couple of months ago. And she's a virgin, like Diana was? '...Yes,' Diana admits. Uncle Joe looks pleased at himself for the idea and says yeah... yeah, that would do the trick alright. 'Bring her here,' he instructs her, and goes back to stroking her hair with one hand. She looks at him with reluctant subservience but doesn't say anything in reply.


CUT TO another day, where Diana and Cammy (Emily Willis) are greeted at the door by a much friendlier-seeming Uncle Joe. 'There's my princesses!' he exclaims. He takes their bags from their hands and tosses them to the side, then welcomes them in. He gives Diana a brisk, business-like hug then moves on to Cammy, and hugs her for much longer. Wow, she laughs at how warmly he's greeting her, uh hi Uncle Joe! Long time no see! Uncle Joe releases her from the hug but keeps his hands on her arms as he looks her up and down, remarking at how much she's grown. He remembers when he used to come over to their house to visit their dad, and would pick her up for piggy-back rides like it was nothing, feels like only yesterday. Although he bets he could still do it! Without even waiting for permission, he scoops Cammy up in his arms and she yelps in surprise, then giggles in embarrassment. 'Uncle Joe!' she squeaks. Diana looks at them with a mix of jealousy and guilt.

Once she's set down, Cammy starts to pick up her bag and Joe says no, let him take care of it! He turns back to Diana. Why doesn't she give Cammy the tour, he says suggestively to her, while he gets all their things settled in their room. Then they can all meet up outside at the pool for a swim. A pool! Cammy squeaks with excitement, she can't wait! Uncle Joe sidles up behind Diana and puts his hand firmly, ominously even, on her shoulder. Make sure the two of them don't skimp on the tour, he says to her with fake innocence, take all the time they want. She nods obediently without looking back at him, and then slips her hand into Cammy's. They scamper off, and Uncle Joe shoots a devious look at the bags.

CUT TO poolside, Uncle Joe is seated comfortably in a pool chair wearing his sunglasses when the two girls emerge from the house - Cammy is still wearing her original clothes while Diana is wearing a bikini. Uncle Joe? Cammy asks, he wouldn't have happened to have seen her bathing suit when he brought the bags up to the room, did he? Uncle Joe feigns innocence and says no, he hardly touched the bags other than to bring them upstairs. Diana looks to Cammy and says see, she knew Uncle Joe wouldn't know where it is, Cammy probably forgot to pack it. But Cammy swears she remembered putting it in her bag, it was one of the first things she packed - she was really excited to go swimming and absolutely didn't want to forget. Oh, Uncle Joe says, well she shouldn't let a little thing like that ruin her fun, now. She can just swim in her underwear, he suggests. Cammy seems a bit hesitant, but Uncle Joe says come on, between her step-sister and him being their dad's best friend, they're all practically family here - no need to be so bashful. O-okay, Cammy says, warming up to the idea as she sees they don't seem to mind. She strips out of her clothes, revealing a white bra and panties underneath. 'Atta girl, Uncle Joe says, don't be shy. She flashes a grin at him and then jumps into the pool with a splash and a playful shriek. Unbeknownst to her, her white bra and panties once wet now show Uncle Joe a great view of her nubile teen body.

Uncle Joe catches Diana's eye and shoots her a meaningful look and a tilt of his head towards Cammy. Diana looks back obediently and nods again slightly. She joins Cammy in the pool. 'Hey Cammy,' Diana calls out, does she remember when they used to play pool tag as kids? They should play that again! Cammy says that it might be a bit lame with just two people, and Diana taunts her, she's just saying that because she knows she won't be able to catch Cammy. Oh, it's on! Cammy giggles and chases after Diana.

The two of them frolic in the water, laughing and giggling as they chase around the pool, splashing each other and trying to catch each other. Whenever Diana is 'it' and catches Cammy, she gets very handsy, giggling and hugging and pressing her body up against Cammy's. Cammy takes a cue from her and starts to do the same. Soon the two of them are barely running or chasing at all, but rather wrestling each other in the pool. Diana even playfully lowers one of Cammy's bra straps or tries to remove it, and Cammy gasps in happy shock and tries to get revenge by doing the same. Throughout, Uncle Joe watches them through his sunglasses with perverted interest.

Cammy remarks she's getting hungry, and is going to fix herself a snack. She asks if Uncle Joe wants one and he jokes that he's good, he's got a couple of tasty morsels already right in front of him. Cammy looks weirded out for a moment then laughs the comment off saying that Uncle Joe is so silly, but behind her Diana shoots Uncle Joe a glare of concern.

Uncle Joe then watches, with no attempt to hide it, as Cammy steps out of the pool dripping wet and grabs a towel, heading back into the house. Diana steps out of the pool next and rushes up to Uncle Joe. He has to be more careful, she warns him quietly, he's going to scare her off. They have to take things more slowly and get her warmed up to the idea, having sex with her dad's best friend is one thing but sex with her own step-sister too - it's going to make her freak if they don't handle it carefully. Uncle Joe tells Diana she'd better make damn well sure that doesn't happen, because he's just starting to enjoy himself and he's not in the mood to take things slow. So it's up to Diana to make sure her sister behaves when the time comes. Diana wouldn't want to disappoint him, would she? Diana timidly says she'll do what she can. Uncle Joe gives her a smack on the ass and tells her to get going inside.

CUT TO late that night - both girls are dreaming sweet dreams, side by side in bedrolls on the floor. The bedroom door creaks open, and the light of the hall spills out into the dark bedroom. Uncle Joe's feet step into frame. He looks the girls over hungrily, edging his way into the room to get a closer look at their teen bodies in their nightwear. He moves into the space in the middle of them both and, careful not to alert them, he settles in lying down between them. His attention goes straight to Cammy. He rolls onto his side to spoon her - she moans comfortably in her dreams. He holds her like that for several seconds, then feeling emboldened, he backs up slightly from her body and pulls his hard dick out from his boxer shorts. He strokes himself, inching as close as he can to Cammy without touching her again now that his dick's out. He breathes heavily against her neck as he strokes himself. Sensing his presence, Cammy's eyes flutter open. 'D-Diana?' she asks quietly and timidly, 'is that you?' No, princess, Uncle Joe says back in a low voice, it's her Uncle Joe.

Cammy still seems a bit groggy, Uncle Joe? What is he doing h- ... she rolls to her other side and sees him stroking himself and her eyes go wide. She calls out to Diana, get up, Uncle Joe is-! Diana's eyes snap open and she instantly starts to reassure her, Cammy, it's ok, it's ok! Cammy doesn't calm down right away, and tries to get Diana to realize what's going on, but Diana tells her she knows. 'What do you mean you know?' Cammy asks, panicked. Diana explains that Uncle Joe has something he wants to share with the two of them, something very special. 'No, but-' Cammy starts to protest, but Diana interrupts her. It's okay, she tells her little sister, she's going to like it, see? She grabs Uncle Joe's hard dick in her hand, and then puts her mouth on it to suck it, looking Cammy right in the eyes as she does it and saying mmmm.

'Diana, what are you-?!' Cammy tries to say, but Diana pulls her mouth off of his dick and cuts her off again. See, Cammy? she says, moving his dick to point at her little sister now as if offering it to her. It's no big deal, he just wants the two of them to thank him for his hospitality. Didn't mom and dad teach them to show manners growing up? Cammy starts to get flustered and frustrated, but this isn't right, she insists, this- 'Cammy,' Diana hisses, sounding a bit desperate. 'You're being rude! Uncle Joe invited us here, we're guests in his home, and this is how he wants us to thank him. Quit being such a brat and just give him what he wants.' Her tone softens, and she continues, saying that she promises Cammy will enjoy it. Just like Diana did.

Cammy's eyes widen - like she did? Diana nods and says it makes Uncle Joe happy. It makes her happy too. Cammy looks from her sister to Uncle Joe, who's staring intently at her. 'What do you say, princess?' he coaxes her and strokes her hair. 'Don't you wanna make your Uncle Joe happy?' Cammy looks down at his dick, which he continues to stroke with his other hand. She says she guesses she can try, but she's never done anything like this before. Uncle Joe tells her don't worry, her big sister will show her everything she needs to know.

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This is one of the hottest episodes I have seen. Its a great scenario with the innocent young sister being corrupted by her older sister and their uncle. I loved masturbating to this!
2019-06-19 10:17
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2019-05-11 21:57
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This is one of my favourite fantasies.  The accomplice lures the innocent and younger girl for her perverted lover to desecrate and defile
2019-01-07 16:05
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This is a very hot scenario and feeds some of my darker fantasies.  My clit got a good work out watching this!  Well done!
2018-12-11 16:54
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Amanda MacDonald had a clit, ee-aye-ee-aye-oh.
2019-06-24 10:11
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amazing scene cant wait for the third  please tell me there is going to be one.

Emily and Jay are so hot together.
2018-12-05 11:07
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I loved the pierced nipples and the cum swap!  VERY hot!
2018-12-05 01:03
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A wonderful piece of adult erotic perversion brought to us by the now unfortunately neutered PureTaboo.  Jaye, Emily and Charles all worked really well together, their chemistry was electric. Both Jaye and Charles brought a welcomed continuation to their individual characters, while Emily's natural screen presence dovetailed nicely into the already established relationships.  Jaye's eye communication continues to floor me, her multi-layered heartbreak and loss brought tears to my eyes. Emily's strong character choices and motivations were superb. The stunning outward beauty these two women possess is second only to their amazing acting talents. Of course I would be amiss if I neglected to mention the amazing talents of Charles as well, his shape shifting Uncle Joe was perverted,  creepy and yet somehow disarming, wonderful work. Thank you PT for another great episode, although this "new softer" edge to your site is a little disheartening. Thankfully we have your back catalog to find the hard-hitting, edgy, not afraid to take chances dark adult fantasies we first joined this site for. I hope someday PT will find its way back, still I do enjoy the site just not as much as when I first joined, of course it could just be me and my overtly desensitization, nothings shocking.
2018-11-29 16:15
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There was a lot to like here, including Emily's shyness and her wonder at the new experience. The slow pace of the sex and the foreplay was excellent. More reluctance would have been better for me, but it is still a very nice scene thanks to the quality acting and excellent camera work.
2018-11-28 16:28
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Now Part3: The Bad Uncle- return of
the naughty sluts.

Diana and Cammy spend
another weekend with their uncle some weeks later. They planned an
outdoor trip to his hut at a remote lake. After their last horny
expirience Cammy became in the meantime not only an uninhibited slut,
but like her sister, also enthusiastic to randy body jewelry. So as
both girls arrived, her uncle at once spotted their hard, stiff and
pierced nipples under their tight tops. After a warmly welcome where
he snuggly hugged them, they set off. During the drive he he
couldn't hold off and covertly take a look on his nieces tits in the
rearview mirror. While same sized balls where clearly visible beside
Diana's nipples and creating a row of three peaks poking thru her
shirt, Cammy appears to have rings in her nipples- with the circle
and two balls looming thru under her top. "You two little horny
brats. That must be at least 4mm jewelry with 8mm balls. " he
thought and feels his cock growing. He has both girls chest and tighs
in view of the mirror, so he couldn't see the girls furtive glances
before they slowly opened their legs. Both wearing shorts -
additionally cropped - as short to see the inside pockets coming out
and just leaving a small crotch strip. He nearly loose control over
the truck as he now spotted the pussy lips come out besides the
pant's and something flashing. He gulped and has to concentrate hard.
Finally they reached the secluded hut. On that hot day the girls had
quick taken their belongings into the shack and doesn't hesitate to
undress while running naked to the lake for a swim. The sisters swam,
had fun in the water and sometimes they hugged and kissed themself.
Uncle Joe watched them with increasing excitment. Lastly they
returned, slightly freezing they had a nice goose bumb and their
adorned nipples stiff erected. He had well estimated, as he noticed
their nipple jewelry and now also his foreshadow is confirmed as he
saw both girls nice and well shaved pussies. Both had each a pair of 6mm
rings in the inner pussy lips and while Cammy has additionaly a
vertical clithood piercing, her sister has a real clit piercing - a
small 2.4 mm ring which keeps back the hood skin and exposing her
clit. Both girls nestled in his arms to become warm. His cock nearly
blasted his pants as they did so and the horny sisters started fondling
his lap. The beginning of a lusty exciting and uninhibited horny

2018-11-28 14:10
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No thanks. Body piercings kill the mood. I prefer the women appear to be modest, and feminine rather than tough and slutty. But to each their own.
2018-12-02 12:03
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Hi, can you do new scenes with anal, dp or creampie, that would be amazing.
2018-11-28 11:56
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