The Luckiest Guy

Nympho Wife Double Creampied By Stranger & Unsuspecting Husband

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Video Description: THE LUCKIEST GUY

SCENE OPENS on a married couple Vanessa (Liv Revamped) and Carl (Donnie Rock), sitting comfortably at a restaurant with a plate of mostly-eaten food and a pair of scotch glasses almost empty, with only the remnants of melting ice cubes remaining. It's clear they've been there for some time already. They are giggling and talking in low voices amongst each other, reminiscing fondly about a trip they took years ago together. Vanessa affectionately touches her husband often as they chat, her hand effortlessly resting on his shoulder, on his hand, on his lap, as she leans in. Clearly she's a warm, physical person. Carl is a bit stiffer, keeping his arms between his legs as he sits and blushing a bit whenever the conversation gets flirty, but he looks like he's having a good time as well. After a half-minute, the waiter Brayden (Michael Vegas) visits their table and asks if they're having a good time. He remarks that they look dressed for a special occasion, and the wife remarks it's their anniversary, holding up her ring with a smile. The waiter congratulates them and asks can get them anything more to eat. 'Oh, no,' the husband exclaims with a laugh, pointing at the plate and saying that they're still making their way through this one. What he doesn't notice is that the wife meanwhile has mouthed the words 'your dick' to the waiter, and then sexily picks up a long-shaped appetizer and licks the tip suggestively. Brayden looks taken aback, but tries to remain professional and ignore what he saw. Carl certainly didn't seem to notice. Brayden stumbles over his next couple of words, but eventually regains his cool and resumes the waiter small talk. He asks how long they've been married. Five years, they exclaim in unison. Vanessa remarks that the traditional anniversary gift for five years is... 'wood,' she says after a brief pause, and after catching Brayden's gaze her eyes move down to the waiter's crotch suggestively. Brayden coughs uncomfortably and his eyes flick to her husband as if to say 'he's sitting right next to you'. Oblivious, Carl remarks that Vanessa got him a gorgeous wooden chess board as a gift, and that he couldn't ask for a better present. Or a better wife. He feels like the luckiest guy in the world. Vanessa looks back to Carl and says something sweet in reply, touching him fondly on the shoulder as if completely innocent. Vanessa straightens up in her chair and says to her husband 'Darling, I think I'd like to spend a few minutes to freshen up a bit before we go back to the house. Um, 'Brayden'?' she says, reading the nameplate on his uniform, 'could you be a dear and top off my husband so he doesn't miss me TOO much while he waits?' Carl laughs warmly. Unbeknownst to him, as his wife goes towards the bathroom Vanessa signals for the waiter to follow her. She walks through the women's bathroom door with the camera following behind, and she confidently waits standing against the wall for several seconds until the door bursts open and the waiter charges into the bathroom. He moves straight towards Vanessa and they collide in a passionate kiss without word or pause.

CUT TO TITLE PLATEThey fuck hard and rough, a raw, frenzied bathroom quickie. Vanessa can't get enough of Brayden's cock and isn't concerned about her husband catching them. As Brayden fucks Vanessa, Carl knocks on the door to check in on his wife since she's been gone so long, which causes Brayden to panic, but Vanessa just motions for him to stay quiet and successfully convinces her husband that everything's fine and she'll be out shortly. She calls out 'I love you!' to Carl before pausing momentarily until he's gone, and then going right back to fucking the waiter. Suddenly, Brayden mentions that he's about to cum -- this catches Vanessa by surprise, and she looks a bit startled as he suddenly and unexpectedly creampies her.

Vanessa is grouchy as she lifts herself off his dick, and pulls some paper towel out of the dispenser to hastily clean up her creampied pussy -- she hadn't told him to cum in her, she complains. Brayden is defensive -- it's not like she had told him NOT to. She tells him to shut up and quickly checks her hair in the mirror before leaving him in the bathroom alone. She heads back to the table and smiles warmly at her husband, asking him if he's ready to head home. He grins innocently. When he gets his beautiful wife home, it's his turn to get lucky, as he sensually fucks Vanessa on their bed. Little does he know, he's not the first guy who's gotten lucky with Vanessa tonight...

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Excellent story line , was hoping for a wee bit more of a build up, but all in all panned out nicely.  Liv Revamped  , wow where did you find her ? Absolutely gorgeous , all natural and dam right perfection ! Would love to see her in more scenes including being a Pastors wife . Since moving to a new Parish with her Pastor husband and step son . Liv has been the perfect Pastor's wife until her husband asks her step son and 3 young males to help her get the backyard ready for an up coming church "welcome" picnic . She wanted to leave her murky past behind , but having 4 hot ,sweaty half naked guys in their shorts clearing up in the backyard was getting too much for her , the temptation was there but not just for her as the 4 guys have been watching her every move getting horny and wanting to fuck her, who would make the first move Liv? Stepson?
2018-12-29 02:52
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Liv Revamped
Hey guys,
Liv Revamped here to say THANK YOU for your love and support! Be sure to request me for more scenes! Let's see how taboo we can really be
2018-12-20 16:26
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One of my favorites.
2018-10-04 18:51
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What a happy marriage! So this episode was not one of my favorites but watching Liv's sweaty body in the bathroom was indeed a joy to witness. Her transition from hungry wanton to happily dutiful wife was brilliant, so well performed and directed. Although, speaking from experience, after 5 years of marriage a blowjob even on an anniversary is like finding a damn unicorn.  Now I know it might have been a bit of a stretch but having Liv's character still dripping creampie exposed while Donnie feasted on her would have been crazy erotic, trust me nothing tastes better than fresh creampie;) Or at least you could have had Liv put her panties back on after sex with Michael in the bathroom and then have Donnie take off the cum soaked undies and bury his face in them. That would have been so hot and watching Liv's character reaction, priceless. Now PureTaboo I hope you are not going soft on us, keep on pressing the edge, taking chances and go on just try to scare us;) Still the gorgeous Liv made this otherwise ho hum episode very very enjoyable.
2018-10-03 14:34
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I like this scene. My favorite dark part is in the second sex scene where the husband spends lots of time playing with and licking the pussy we know was just creampied. Great scene overall.
2018-10-03 10:12
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A MF, MF episode that had so much wrong about it. A token attempt at innuendo and erotica before cock in mouth on four minutes. The mystery of Liv covered in sweat (or was water splashed on) and Michael dry. The mystery of the eyelash. The second scene was even worse. Cunnilingus and fingering to drive the supposed taboo element but no evidence to the viewer in close-up. Liv worked hard trying to raise wood from Donnie but then suddenly some lube or stiffening agent appeared on his penis and he struggled on. I did not even think the cream pie at the end was genuine.  Lastly don't mention the acting from all three. A real dud!
2018-10-02 16:52
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I enjoyed the risk of the bathroom scene, but I enjoyed the pace and intimacy of the husband's lovemaking a lot more. Very erotic. Loved the way he kissed his way slowly up her calf and inner thigh. Liv has a fantastic body. It would be tragic if she didn't share, right? Wrong. In this case, the husband deserved better I thought. Great shot of hubby taking her from behind on her side. Enjoyed the shots of sex in the bathroom mirror in the restaurant too. Beautifully produced and shot.
2018-10-02 16:02
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This was exceptional just loved and very erotic when there is cheating involved
2018-10-02 08:20
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How about skip this topic all together and stick to real taboo topics, since there's a shortage of the lately
2018-10-02 06:53
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I agree with _354: would love a back to back double cream pie, with frothing cum from friction.
2018-09-30 13:48
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