The Starlet: A Casey Calvert Story

Bratty Hollywood Actress Loses Sex Bet With Stuntman

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Emma (Casey Calvert) is a Hollywood starlet that cares only about herself. She further proves this by causing a movie producer grief by being late for training with a stuntman. When she finds out that the stuntman she'll be closely working with is none other than Michael (Derrick Pierce), her ex-boyfriend, her entitled attitude makes her even more difficult to work with.

When Michael arrives at Emma's house for stage combat training, he isn't thrilled to be around her. Not only are they exes, but Emma stole this acting gig from Michael's current girlfriend. Although he tries to be professional, Emma makes it hard for him, acting like a spoiled brat. He's so annoyed with her, especially after she nearly breaks his nose for a 'joke,' that he abandons the session.

Perhaps feeling a LITTLE guilty for what she's done, Emma shows him that she's been practicing when they next meet up for more practice. She's so confident in her abilities that her ego continues to inflate, especially when Michael makes the mistake of complimenting her. She starts rubbing her skills in, getting under Michael's skin as she taunts his own skills -- both professional AND personal.

Finally, Michael's had enough. If he's being made to work with HER, then he wants to make things interesting. He proposes a bet. If she beats him during a mock fight, he'll do whatever she wants. If HE wins, she'll do whatever HE wants.

Emma easily agrees since she's sure she's got this in the bag. But when she finds herself quickly overpowered and pinned beneath Michael's strong body, it's evident that she's lost. When he demands a hate-fuck as his prize, she HAS to honor her end of the deal...

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Outstanding work as usual...Casey commands on screen
2019-07-20 06:15
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Why get anal fucked if it's brought so poorly onto the screen?
2019-04-19 04:47
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A perfect story pairing two amazing performers. Casey Calvert always takes my breath away, and this story was hot from beginning to end. Great buildup establishing her character as an arrogant, self-centered diva who did not believe there would ever be consequences for her actions. Then watching that same ego force her to keep her promise to Derrick was scorching hot. And watching Derrick dominate that stunning body and ravish that spectacular face was nirvana. Casey kept her reluctance and resentment all the way through, and Derrick did everything a man would enjoy with her including some fantastic anal sex. The kissing and fingering sent the heat off the charts. The fondling and full body contact were intense and satisfying. And the second pop shot completed his domination. Perfect performances from two great and super sexy performers. Pure Taboo, I am ever in your debt.
2019-04-16 07:52
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