Unfaithful To Me

Cheating Wife Gets Caught Fucking Husband's Coworker

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Video Description: UNFAITHFUL TO ME

Max (Jason Moody) is down on his luck. The passion in his marriage is gone and he's not sure how to rekindle theflame... until he decides to have a little chat with a handsome coworker of his. Jett (Alex Legend) is a womanizerwho does very well for himself. If anyone knows how to spice things up with the missus, it's Jett.

Max asks for advice, revealing how hard it is to keep his wife happy. No matter what he does, she cheats on him!Jett is sympathetic to his plight, giving Max tips and tricks for pleasing his wife to hopefully keep her interested andloyal. Max soaks it all in and is convinced that Jett just saved his marriage. He's away for the weekend, but as soonas he gets back, he's going to surprise the wife. Maybe now, she'll stop cheating on him...

He excitedly thanks Jett for his help, then hurries away with an extra spring to his steps. Little does he know, assoon as his back is turned, Jett fixes his tie with a slow grin.

That weekend, Jett shows up at Max's house, where his beautiful wife, Rose (Christie Stevens), answers the door.She's immediately taken in by Jett's charms and it isn't long before they hungrily crash together. As they make theirway to the bedroom, they leave a trail of discarded clothes behind them. As soon as they tumble into bed together,they become completely consumed by lust.

Then Max's car pulls into the driveway. When he spots Jett's car in the driveway and clothes on the floor leading tothe bedroom, it's time to finally take matters into his own hands once and for all.

Story inspired by an original submission by Pure Taboo member, IggyEgo!

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Well, I did not get the punishment of the unfaithful wife I was hoping for. What I got instead was a story of a man who loves his oversexed (Is there such a thing?) wife and makes her happy by providing her with lovers in addition to himself.  What IggyEgo and PT gave me was much more exciting than what I was hoping for. The sex scene was chock full of delicious, full-contact sex performed by a super sexy, voluptuous beauty and a boy toy with a cock large enough to satisfy her.  I loved the passionate kissing and fondling, and the large amount of full-body contact.  It was a highly erotic performance from both performers, and the hungry kisses between husband and wife at the end were equally exciting. I was grateful that Christie's tattoos were muted enough to not detract from her mouthwatering body. Her cleanly shaved pussy just begged to be eaten, and Alex Legend did not hesitate. Another bell ringer from Pure Taboo. Can't wait for Christie's next performance.
2019-05-03 11:30
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Not your best work.
2019-05-03 10:13
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This type of thing is redundant. Honestly, I expect more creativity and scenes that resonate with the name of this site.
2019-05-02 04:37
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Right. While the story telling is well done, it's not a creative story and lacks creativity.
2019-05-02 09:03
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