Watching You

Young Woman Becomes Paranoid She's Being Stalked Through Her Computer

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Video Description: WATCHING YOU

Jessie (Avi Love) is a young woman looking to rebuild her life after her boyfriend, Ashton (Mike Mancini) cheated on her. To start off on the right foot, she gets her laptop wiped so that she NEVER has to see anything reminding her of that asshole ever again. Yet, as soon as she returns home, her ex is waiting for her, confronting her in a heated argument. 'You'll regret this!' he threatens as she slams the door in his face. She may be rattled now, but she's sure there are brighter days ahead of her.

Although she's hoping for a fresh start, Jessie's past quickly comes back to haunt her. First, her friend informs her that someone's hacked her social media and posted a raunchy update, claiming that she's looking for guys to fuck. Then she receives an unsolicited dick pic from an unknown number. Finally, her laptop camera keeps turning on and off as if someone's watching her...

Terrified, she calls Ashton, begging him to leave her alone, although he insists that it's not him and that she's just crazy. Exhausted and confused, Jessie's almost at her breaking point. When she catches sight of a suspicious vehicle parked in front of her home, she just KNOWS that whoever is in that car is responsible for all of this.

As Jessie grabs a baseball bat, she storms into the street, ready to settle this once and for all. Little does she know, the worst is yet to come as she comes face-to-face with her stalker.

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1 comment

The super cute Avi Luv made this one with her acting skills. Tommy always gives an excellent performance in terms of his acting too, but his sexual performance seems to be on the decline. I do enjoy how he helps himself to Avi's body with his mouth and hands, not just his cock. An excellent reluctant female story line. Camera work could have been cleaner for sure.  Why would you force me to watch Tommy take off his jacket when the sexy Avi Luv is stripping down to her bra? On the plus side, watching Avi walk across the room in her bra and panties was a real treat.
2019-05-14 07:47
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