What Happened to My Sister?

Brother Comes Home From Trip To Discover Step-Sister Is Fucking Dad

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Video Description: What Happened To My Sister?

SCENE opens inside a taxi cab, as it pulls to a stop. A young man named Rick (Small Hands) stands waiting on the curb, his backpack and a gift bag in hand. He has just arrived home from a trip across the US to 'discover himself,' as his father (Steve Holmes) puts it. He gets inside the cab. After giving the address and setting off, Rick and the driver small talk about his trip along the way: places he went, things he saw, and where he's headed now -- back home to his family before starting a job at his father's company in the fall. The driver makes a joke about having to go home to mom and Rick laughs. No, no mom. It's just his dad, his dad's wife, and his step-sister Josie (Jill Kassidy). He really missed her, and it was just her birthday, so he is excited to give her the gift he found on his travels! The taxi driver says that it's always good to be a big brother while Rick stares off into the distance.

When he enters his home, he is surprised to find it empty. He calls out to his dad, to Deena, his dad's wife, and to Josie. But nobody replies. Mildly concerned, he walks through the house until he starts to hear sounds coming from his father's bedroom. Assuming it's his father and step-mom, he makes a face and turns to leave when, suddenly, he hears his step-sister's voice. 'Daddy .... Daddy please,' she moans from behind the door. Rick freezes. In horror, he slowly opens the door to reveal Josie bent over the bed being penetrated by his father! The father grunts and thrusts as Josie takes him all in, moaning with pleasure and calling him daddy. Rick can't believe what he is seeing ... yet he can't look away. Where is his step-mom? What the fuck is his dad thinking? He spies on them for a few moments, trying to take it all in, when suddenly Josie makes eye contact with him. The step-siblings stare at each other. But, instead of reacting, Josie just keeps getting fucked until Rick feels so uncomfortable that he turns away and storms out of the hallway.


Rick sits, arms folded, on the couch when his father enters the room. 'Son,' he exclaims, surprised. 'I didn't realize you were coming home today.' He tries to give Rick a big hug, but his son is standoffish. 'Where's Deena?' he asks curtly. His father makes a face, struggling to think of how to respond, when Josie enters the room. Acting normal, she rushes up and hugs her big brother, giving him a kiss on the cheek and saying how much she missed him. Is that gift bag for her?! He pulls away. 'Where's Deena?' he asks again accusingly. Josie and his father exchange knowing looks before his father smiles and pats his son on the shoulder. 'A lot has happened while you were away, son,' he says.'Josie has made a lovely dinner! How about we all sit down and talk about it like a family?'

CUT to Josie putting a bowl of pasta on the table, as Rick's father tries to engage his son in awkward small talk about Deena. Josie takes out some napkins and unfolds one in her step-father's lap, her fingers grazing his crotch, which makes Rick snap. 'Are you fucking kidding me? Sit down!' Josie slumps down meekly while Rick's father bites his lip and struggles to keep calm. He tells his son that, after much consideration, he and Deena have decided to separate. 'Why?' Rick asks. 'Does it have anything to do with the fact you're fucking my little sister?' He yells, standing up. Josie begs him to sit down. 'Josie is your step-sister, Rick,' his father corrects him. Did the father even wait until she was 18? Yes, of course he did. They both agreed to wait until she was a grown woman. They love each other!

Rick looks at his sister and asks how she could betray her own mother like that? How could she destroy their family like that? How could she do this to him? Josie, who has been growing emotional throughout the entire fight, ends up storming out of the room in tears. The men are left alone to stare at each other. Rick's father looks very disappointed. 'Are you happy now, making your sister cry? She and I have chosen to be together. Whether you like it or not, this is our family now!' He storms off too, leaving Rick alone. He can't help but feel guilty for making his sister cry.

CUT to Josie's bedroom. She lays hugging a pillow when Rick knocks on the door and asks to come in. He is holding the gift bag which he gently rests on the dresser. At first, she gives him the cold shoulder, but crumbles as soon as he sits down beside her to apologize. She buries herself in his arms and pleads with him not to be mad at her. It's been a very overwhelming summer and he doesn't know how many times she just wished he had been home to help her through it. Rick asks Josie to explain what's really going on. It seems as if he's come home to a madhouse.

Josie wipes her eyes and tells him that, over the past few months, things between her and her mom have been bad. She kept getting jealous of Josie, especially the way his father looked at her. She began to accuse Josie of being flirtatious and trying to steal her man. Finally, it got to a point where Josie was so angry, she decided to just do it. To prove a point. Rick's father has always been pushover, it didn't take much to get his dick out. Then one day, Deena walked in on them having sex. It was a joke. 'But Deena didn't take it as a joke, did she?' Rick asks. Josie shakes her head. 'I thought it'd be funny! I didn't think she'd actually leave us,' she replies. 'It doesn't sound very funny to me,' Rick says as he puts his head in his hands. 'So, are you in love with my dad?' He asks. She shrugs. 'I mean, I love him. He's like my dad too.' She nudges closer to her step-brother. 'But I really just want to stay here so I can be close to you!'

They look at each other, their lips inches apart. Rick shakes his head and tells her that he is feeling very fucked up. Although he feels betrayed, with the way she gazes at him pleadingly, something wells up inside of Rick. He finally jumps her, unable to contain his feelings for her any longer -- no matter how angry he is.

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Zoey Foxx
OMG. SO exciting. lol. I was like OH SHIT in the beginning!
2018-12-20 17:17
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This is the best writing that 8 have ever seen... PERIOD!! I am an actor , producer, director, writer and analyst with SAG-AFTRA I have been debating this inside my dead ever since the police scene with Tiffany.... I started DYING when she said he was a virgin, and he deflected toward tiff to provide him baackup, "Tell her how good it was your first time , tell her how bad she needs to lose it!!!" " You know it actually kinda hurt..." " No, not that part!! The other part, where it was good.." "No, no I remember it was really uncomfortable; and messy it got really messy." HSHAHAYAHAHAYWAA
2018-11-13 16:41
Like 1
Dislike 4
great scene in so many ways..  daddy/daughter truly is the ultimate pure taboo...  I'm not a big Steve Holmes fan but he is perfect in this role...  Small Hands has way too many tats for me but again he plays this role well...  and Jill Kassidy may be the best adult actress of this era.  I would have liked a true anal/vaginal DP here...  the ending was great, sweet Jill holding her teddy bear gift with both her fathers and brothers seed dripping off her chin...
2018-11-11 06:49
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mmf scene are the worst, at least from a heterosexual male's point of view. Just a personal, purely subjective opinion. I don't get why seeing two dicks instead of one is supposed to be arousing.
2018-11-10 19:52
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I usually find m/m/f scenes to be unbearably boring and rarely watch more than a few minutes. Not the case here.  Jill Kassidy is absolutely spectacular!!!  I've been following her career almost from her beginning and she keeps getting better with each scene!  Stunningly beautiful, a great actress, and damn she can fuck!   One of Pure Taboo's best non feature presentations.
2018-11-09 22:42
Like 1
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Jill is AWESOME!!!
2018-11-09 15:48
Like 1
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Jill was absolutely amazing in this one, i loved the daddy/brother talk, the sex was rough but not to rough.
this was one of the best that ive seen on this site.
phenomenal scene 10/10
2018-11-09 11:33
Like 2
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How come I can download/watch this through Adult Time in 4K, and yet here on the Pure Taboo site it only offers 1080p?
2018-11-09 10:45
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Now that is the level of taboo dirty talk I've been waiting to see on this site. Awesome scene, please more like this.
2018-11-08 16:36
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A beautiful erotic tale from start to finish. I love to see Small Hands having the opportunity to do some real acting, his eye communication is superb and character's struggle and emotion were so tangible and real. Steve is also a stellar performer, every role is takes on is always so well defined. Jill is so engaging, I not even sure what it is about her but her multi-leveled character work and eye communication is phenomenal, that look at the ending of the episode gave me chills. She is an amazing woman, her sheer acting talents somehow outshine her physical beauty which is earth shattering considering she is absolutely gorgeous. I suppose that is a good reason why, thankfully she continues to be featured here at PT, a trend I for one hope may continue for many years. Bree, your writing and direction continue to be razor sharp, thank you again for all love and respect you give to your creations and those hard working artists that make those creation come to life. Thank you PT as well for those moments of realization as we watch your films, of just show twisted and depraved we are, may you never stop challenging us and giving us reasons to think.
2018-11-08 13:18
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